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Sunday 17 March 2019

Nigeria 2019 Election: a Soft Military Coup by the Cabal

March 17, 2019

By Johnson Chukwudifu | For Biafra Writers

This article would have been aptly titled, “The Success of Buhari’s Second Military Coup,” but then, Buhari is dead. The fellow currently paraded as Nigeria's number one citizen is a body-double from Sudan named Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani.

It has now dawned on Nigerians that the so-called 2019 election was, in reality, a military coup orchestrated by Fulani hegemony. The Fulani are historically a people with innate desire to colonize and subjugate all the indigenous people inhabiting the geographical expression referred to as Nigeria. The realities of the recent sham dubbed election speak volumes of the Fulani ill desires. With the just concluded election, the Fulani have succeeded in birthing a political turf that allows them exclusive grip on Nigeria's power frame.

Today, the country is as quiet as a graveyard following the outcome of the elections and the haunting realizations it bestowed on the citizenry. Of course, Nigerians are not new to disorderliness and election thuggery, but the sight of soldiers - equipped as if in war - marching the streets abducting, harassing, and killing opposition candidates and supporters shattered any hope left in getting Nigeria to work.

In the cities, the ruling APC considered stronghold of the opposition, armored cars, and other military hardware were deployed, duly backed up in the air by the airforce. The helpless masses witnessed the military break into INEC collation centers, scare the people away and force electoral officers to announce doctored results.

With over sixty lives driven to their early grave by the military in a concerted effort to rig the current APC government back to power, uneasy calm has settled over the country.

The Fulani is found pushing on his normadic lifestyle in several other West African countries as well as Central Africa. In these other parts of Africa, the Fulani exist as minority. In Nigeria however, although still in minority, the Fulani lives as lords. Othman Danfodio having successfully conned the indigenous Hausa settlers into helping him conquer the established Hausa thrones had gone on to establish his own dynasty, a historical fact that authored the boastful and provocative terse of the Fulani, "we are born to rule." Having set their feet fully and permanently in the North, they filed out from there to conquer the rest of the geographical area today referred to as Nigeria.

The despicable activities of the military in the recent elections as dictated by the ruling APC government were to forestall the emergence of another government which might be open to restructuring of the Nigerian political construct.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Published by Charles Opanwa

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