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Friday 1 March 2019

CNN and the Harvest of Lies in Nigerian Elections

By Johnson Chukwudifu | For Biafra Writers

March 1, 2019

The Cable News Network, CNN, prides itself as the leading news outlet worldwide. That may not be contested anyway. It however does seem that the said leadership leans much more in the dissemination of fake news, little wonder President Donald Trump often refers to them as a major fake news channel.

The Fake News channel was on its element recently as it reported the charade called election which took place in Nigeria on Saturday, February 23. In the news reported by the eccentric Richard Quest, CNN attempted to deceive the world by painting an atmosphere of a free and fair election. It conveniently ignored the fact that not only was the election not peaceful by any standard, it as well was neither free nor fair. The cabal handlers of the Sudanese impostor, Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, deployed every arsenal within their reach to rig themselves back to power.

The exercise saw not less than 20 people dead, ballot boxes snatched, votes exchanged for money, underage voting, selective disfranchisement, and a whole lot more. CNN conveniently turned a blind eye on these anomalies.

In Rivers State, the minister of transport, Rotimi Chibike Amaechi, who is of the ruling party, APC, was widely reported to have led a detachment of soldiers who unleashed terror on voters, shooting to death about fifteen law-abiding citizens and injuring many more. Amechi it was gathered, declared war on his political rivals in the buildup to the election with a native war song that translates roughly, "It is time to show strength, let the coward not come close to where a show of strength is taking place. The warrior’s eyes are bloodshot”. One would have thought it all a mere political stunt, but video evidence soon surfaced after the election showing that Amechi's war song wasn't for fun after all.
The state Coalition Officer, Mary Emawonya Efeturi, on Monday, February 25, gave graphic details on how the military came to the state INEC headquarters to drive away the ad hoc staff, and then went on to destroy the electoral materials. CNN overlooked all the evidence to tell the world huge lies.

In Imo State, the Returning Officer, Prof. Ibeabuchi was kidnapped by Rochas Okorocha, the outgoing governor who ran for Senate. According to Professor Ibeabuchi's report, he announced Okorocha as the winner under duress. Ibeabuchi made this known to the public through a radio broadcast.

It's worrisome therefore that in spite of all these available shreds of evidence to the contrary, a giant media outfit like CNN went ahead to declare the election peaceful. The APC government sure has the money to change the narratives, but would a giant media outlet like CNN have made itself so cheap?
It's a shame!

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter: @thebiafratimes


  1. This is a powerful message to all. I love my country BIAFRA

  2. They're all Arabs. CNN are shameless liars and Britain is their supporter.


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