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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Nigeria declares another war on Biafra, tries to deceive the world

By Dave O. Umahi | For Biafra Writers | January 8, 2019

Nigeria, the West African killing field, has declares war on Biafra again! But as it did the last time in 1967, it lies to deceive the world, cloaking under a military operation. The details of this latest war, we gathered, was part of the reasons the British royal personality, Prince Charles was in Nigeria last year to lecture their commissioned killers and house-slaves (the Fulani).

Sometime in December last year, a certain Northern Fulani stooge, Okwudili Azinta, was used to announce the second declaration of war against Biafrans, just as Yakubu Gowon (the mass murderer) was used in 1967. This time, Azinta was the voice of his master, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, a certified war-crime perpetrator as declared by Amnesty International (AI), who is currently being investigated by International Criminal Court (ICC).

Buratai said the Army was commencing Operation Python Dance (OPD) 111, as a nationwide military action. But the OPD, also known as “Egwu Eke” (which were Igbo-Biafran words) has always been a devilish sectional agenda against the Biafran people. Without any doubt, since 2015, all such operations of the Nigerian ‘terrorist’ army has always been localized, which they claimed was to deal with each section based on their peculiar circumstances. There was “Operation Mutua Dole” (OMD), for the Northeastern part of the country, Operation Lafyia Dole in the West and “Operation Crocodile Smile” (OCS) in the so-called South-south region.

But this time, Buratai claimed the OPD was meant to check insecurity across the length and breadth of the country. And going further, he tried to explain that the previous two phases of the exercise – Egwu Eke I and II (which were conducted in 83 Divisions in 2016 and 2017), were huge successes. This gave him the impetus to declare that the current one, which they branded Egwu Eke lll, was designed to build on the successes recorded in the previous two exercises.

In addition, Buratai said that the choice of Ondo State for the flag-off was to assure the citizens that all kidnappers and bandits, who threatened the peace and security of the state recently, have no hiding place.

But all that was a big lie; and the “nationwide” claim, a dummy sold to deceive the world. It was all a deception meant to give their activities a national outlook, with a view to disguise or conceal the atrocities they plan to unleash against Biafrans in Biafraland.

Ondo State, which is located at the Yoruba axis of the country, has nothing to do with Python Dance. Indeed, OPD had always being carried out in Biafraland; it has only been confined to the region of Biafraland which the Nigerian rulers branded Southeast. The other side of Biafraland was always visited with the one they called Operation Crocodile Tears (OCT) (later changed to Crocodile Smile to deceive the world that there were humaneness in their actions).

What the Nigerian terrorist army is doing this year, 2019, is not different from what it has done in 1967, when it used mass murderer, Gowon to declare “Police Action”, which certainly had nothing to do with the police. Instead, it deployed the full strength of its military; with state-of-the-art military equipment at the time (backed fully by the British government) to slaughter nothing less than three million Biafrans.

Today, complete set of military equipments and ammunition such as armoured tanks, etc, litter the streets of Biafra, with soldiers unleashing violence on innocent Biafran people – engaging in enforced disappearance and abduction of leaders cum principal officers of the Indigenous People of Biafra, molesting and terrorizing the Biafran people in their own homeland. All these atrocities against the people, simply because they have disowned Nigeria, and given notice not to participate in any of their fake elections anymore until a date is fixed for the Biafraexit referendum. They want to cow the people into submission but they are wasting time as people has remained committed and resolute towards to pursuit of freedom.
The Biafra Times

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

Published By: Prince Richmond C.  Amadi

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