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Wednesday 2 January 2019

2019: ‘We’ll paralyse Biafraland on presidential election day’ – Nnamdi Kanu vows

...Says only referendum can save the bloody implosion of Nigeria

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

January 2, 2019

ISRAEL– Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has threatened to paralyse the regions constituting the defunct Republic of Biafra during Nigeria’s upcoming presidential election, saying only Biafra referendum would stop the bloody implosion of the country.

Kanu, who spoke yesterday from Israel, in his special new year broadcast on Radio Biafra, challenged the Nigerian authorities to send down their battalions of army to the region and receive the shock of their lives.

He also assured Biafrans and lovers of freedom that he and his group are doing everything possible to ensure that a referendum is conducted this year, citing inability to conclude with the consultation process and the cost of printing ballot papers as reasons for the stalling of the exercise last year.

According to the IPOB leader, “We the IPOB have proposed and still proposing that the only idea that will halt the bloody disintegration of the Zoo(Nigeria) is a referendum for everybody. What is wrong with asking people what they want?

“They must conduct a referendum on self-determination for Biafrans and indeed any other organized and cohesive group that demand it. That is the only fair way not through federalism, not devolution, not restructuring.

“To drive home our demand, IPOB will ensure that the entire land of Biafra is paralyzed on whatever date they choose to hold their presidential election. This position is irreversible, unless our simple demand is met.

“Do you know why the presidential election is key? That day, the whole world will be watching, and we will paralyse Biafraland. If you want to be free from the chains of slavery and bondage of the Zoo, boycott presidential election and the Zoo will crumble to your tent oh Israel!

“I got an Intel that they’ll be sending the Army to come to Biafraland. Anywhere you see IPOB, shoot. I dare you to shoot that day, let me see the idiot that will tell me that self-defense is not allowed. Let them bring their army and shoot and see what would happen to their army in Biafraland. Even Britain will abandon you.

“I made bold this very first of January 2019 evening to say that anything short of a referendum will be duplicitous and futile. The earlier people stop deceiving themselves on this, the better for all oppressors and the oppressed alike.

“This year, 2019, we shall begin taking the first tangible steps into nationhood. We’ll do everything humanly possible to ensure our referendum is conducted this year. The process of extensive referendum consultation was not concluded in good time last year to enable us to hold it.

“Again, the cost implications made it impossible for us to complete the printing and production of our ballot papers but we shall continue to work very hard to ensure its completion. Referendum is a very costly resource intensive exercise and we want to get it right the first time because that will usher in the new Biafra government, even if it has to operate from outside the shores of Biafraland.

“What we‘re pursuing is freedom for everybody not only for Biafrans but for everybody. I’ve said it time and again, let them take the oil and gas, we don’t need it. We have brains. If problem of the Yoruba is the oil, let them take it. I know that Hausa/Fulani cannot do without oil. They should come and take it. We just want to be free. Freedom is what we’re asking for not natural resources.”

Prince Richmond C. Amadi, Publisher.

1 comment

  1. Until self-defense is activated in this struggle the Fulani jihadists and their backers will never take us seriously. However, Biafrans must prepare for this. Freedom is always obtained by bloody violence and war. No one gets freedom peacefully. Moreover, Nigeria is a violent and terrorist state. The Sokoto caliphate and Fulani jihadists with Yoruba Oligarchy and their slave master - Britain will never allow Biafra go without war. We must be prepared for it. We should also notify the United Nations and global powers that we will activate self-defense because we cannot sit and watch these uncircumcised and illiterate Fulani continue to massacre the children of Most High God. I like the idea of Biafra nationhood and government to operate initially beyond the shores of Nigeria. An innovative campaign should be setup to raise funds to finalize the referendum materials and other necessities. This year 2019 must be decisive for Biafra restoration. We cannot continue to live in such abject poverty and bondage in our God-given and endowed land with talented citizenry. Enough is enough.


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