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Wednesday 26 December 2018

Poem: I Look Up The Hills!

Biafra Cenotaph Enugu-Biafraland

By Victoria Agangan | For Biafra Writers

December 26, 2018

I look up the hills unto Biafra
Till when will thy kingdom come?
The waves and eaves so long ago
Unto thee assign and beckon.

I look up the hills and see the dews
Falling as rain on Biafran soil
These are tears dripping from eyes
Cut down with life, full in them.

I look up the hills and foresee
Trails of dust been raised,
For help so close by is here to rescue
Alas! We will be free from woe and doom.

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But then I see, blood spilling,
Guns booming, mindblowing splitters
As war to freedom looms and
Suspense holds sway...

And again! I looked up the Biafran hills
Oh, see! Her flags are raised!
Hurray! Our victory is here!
And so our people unite!
For victory, at last, is spelt in

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1 comment

  1. The poem said it all, Biafra wall stand tall never to march down, we are good to go. AIR FOR BIAFRA FREEDOM.


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