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Monday 10 December 2018

Jubril Saga: Nnamdi Kanu comments on Buhari’s inability to speak Fulfulde

...lambastes northern cabals

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

December 10, 2018

ISRAEL – Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has reacted to claims by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that the surgical operation undergone by President Muhammadu Buhari in London affected his ability to speak and understand his mother tongue, Fulfulde.

Speaking on Saturday via Radio Biafra live broadcast, Kanu dismissed the claim as ‘nonsense and pure rubbish,’ adding that anybody who believes in the contrary is either possessed by an evil spirit or naturally endowed with ignorance.

He noted that Mohammed’s statement that Buhari had a brain surgery, confirmed his earlier message that the Nigerian leader was brain dead and had died as a result of suffering from multiple organ failure.

According to Kanu, “When this story broke yesterday(Friday) that Lai Mohammed said that Buhari which is Jubril can no longer speak his mother tongue, confirmed what I’ve been saying that Buhari is dead because this nonsense about not being able to speak his mother tongue because one of the surgeons cut off the nerves that connects Fulfulde to his brain is pure rubbish.

“They said he underwent brain surgery in his brain and maybe during the surgery, one of the surgery tools accidentally cut the wire connecting Fulfulde language to his brain but left one for Hausa and English. Do you see how it works in the Zoo (Nigeria)?

“Do you now agree with me what I told you before when I started this broadcast that Buhari underwent brain surgery and I said that he never recovered, he had multiple organ failure and died. Now it has been confirmed.

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“Anybody foolish enough to doubt me must be possessed by an evil spirit or he must be a person with some form of naturally endowed ignorance not to see the truth in what I’m saying. Because of Radio Biafra and this exposé we’re doing, you now know that Buhari had some medical procedure done to his head when he traveled to London as the government would never tell Nigerians what ailment afflicted Buhari or what type of treatment he received.”

The IPOB leader further directed series of questions to the minister over Buhari’s surgery and inability to speak his local language.

Kanu asked, “What Lai Mohammed should boldly tell us is this: ‘Are there any other aspects of Buhari’s ability or bodily function that was altered or impaired as a result of the surgery he underwent?’

“We shall find out if the surgery affected his palm or not. Maybe they cut off the part of the brain that gives you fingerprint and dimensions on the palm of your hand. There are some physical features you have that plastic surgery can never ever save you. The more you try to work on them, the worse it becomes.

“We must also ask again if that surgery completely removed the cancerous growth on the left side of his lower lip. We know that Jubril was subjected to a very extensive plastic surgery but is it when you undergo such process and they cut open your brain, do you suddenly become looking younger as a result of it? Maybe this is some kind of Hallelujah surgery. They must show me the surgeon that did this very work so that the whole world can be going there. I’m very sure that most rich people around the world would like to know how London Bridge Hospital conducted this miraculous procedure on an old man in his 80s.”

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...Lambastes northern cabals

The IPOB leader also lashed out at some notable northern leaders whom, according to him, conspired to smuggle in an impostor from Sudan to assume the role of the president of Nigeria.

Kanu who absolutely condemned the act, described it as a ‘historic deception, shame, disgrace, a crime and an abomination against God and democracy.’

He said, “What Abba Kyari and Fulani cabals have done with the active connivance of the Sultan of Sokoto is to bring eternal shame and disgrace upon Nigeria. It is a crime against democracy, a crime against God in Heaven. You cannot wish it away because it’s going nowhere, the world must know about it.

“It is a historic deception and lies of unimaginable magnitude. This is the worst crime in the whole world which no Nigerian pastor or prophet foresaw.”

Kanu added, “By the time this shameful episode in the history of the Zoo(Nigeria) is over, other races of the world will know that we Blacks are not only evil liars, but deceivers. They’ll know that we have no respect for ourselves because if you had any shred of respect for one another, there’s no way you could have come to subvert the constitution, subvert democracy, subvert the people to import somebody from Sudan to come, not only to be enjoying Nigeria but to be enjoying Aisha as well without marriage. It’s an abomination before God and man.

“The wickedness of the Black man has no bounds. How can you conceive such nonsense? Instead of them(Nigerians) to be completely outraged, some people are trying to excuse them because of their selfish interest and desire to preserve Nigeria’s unity. They lie and deceive themselves but we must continue to expose them.”

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