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Monday 24 December 2018

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu declares “war” on Gov. Ikpeazu over arrest and detention of 52 Jewish worshippers

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

December 24, 2018

ISRAEL - Embittered by the recent arrest and detention of some 52 Jewish adherents on peaceful procession in Umuahia, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has declared war on Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state for allegedly ordering the arrests of the religious worshippers.

Kanu made this declaration on Saturday, in a live radio transmission, while condemning the continued detention of the Jewish faithfuls who were arrested on December 11, 2018 and charged with terrorism and treasonable felony.

The IPOB leader who vowed that the governor would never have peace until the Jewish worshippers are released urged the people to rise against the governor and his supporters and destroy their campaign train.

He said: “Okezie Ikpeazu ordered the arrest of 52 Jewish adherents at my hometown for embarking on a religious procession in Umuahia which everybody does. This is the place where Okezie Ikpeazu thinks he can come back as the governor, he’s daydreaming! Anywhere Okezie Ikpeazu’s campaign group is gathered, it will be scattered.

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“Okezie Ikpeazu can never have peace from tonight. It’s a standing order to all our units. Ikpeazu can never have peace. Anything he wants, we will give it to him until he leaves that office. Anywhere Okezie Ikpeazu or his supporters are gathered, they must be arrested by IPOB.

“As long as our men and women are being detained at the prison in Afara, we will not allow him to rest. Wherever Okezie Ikpeazu’s campaign group is gathered, we’ll destroy it and anybody supporting Okezie Ikpeazu is a traitor of the people and must be dealt with accordingly.

“Whatever the consequences are, we will bear it. Okezie Ikpeazu must be taught a lesson so that other governors will learn from that. You don’t mess with IPOB and get away with it. All those responsible for the death of IPOB will pay dearly for it starting from tonight.”

He also warned the Abia state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Anthony Ogbizi, asking him to steer clear of IPOB activities.

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“If you’re related to the Commissioner of Police in Abia state, warn him to desist from arresting IPOB Jewish worshippers. We have removed many Police commissioners before him and he too will be gone very soon.”

Kanu added: “Umuahia is my hometown, that’s where I came from and the seat of the government in Abia is on my father’s land. IPOB will not be molested in Umuahia. The next time we’ll march in Umuahia, I’ll give order for the security to confront anybody that comes to arrest our people.

“Okezie Ikpeazu’s campaign will be destroyed. Every vehicle carrying the pictures of Okezie Ikpeazu will be destroyed. Anywhere you see his poster in Abia state, destroy it until they release our people. Anything they want, we give to them from now onwards.”

Issuing a 3-day ultimatum for the governor to release the Jewish faithfuls, Kanu sounded a note of warning to chairmen, village heads and traditional rulers not to host the governor in their communities, adding that the name of the governor will go down in history as one of those who sabotaged the Biafra struggle.

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