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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Prince Charles and The New British Concoctions in Nigeria

Dave O. Umahi | For Biafra Writers

November 7, 2018

It is now obvious that certain elements in Britain who are the grand masters of foul concoctions are currently in the business of concocting new schemes around the world, especially in its colonies, particularly Nigeria and West Africa. This has become more evident since their failed attempt to hijack the European Union, and manipulate it to their own advantage and they had to opt out. This also can be confirmed in the way their so-called “royal family” members are touring the world, looking for communities to deceive. They even married a half African woman into their “royal family”, just to see if they could deceive the African populations with such stunts.

The one they call Prince Charles was in West Africa recently, particularly in Ghana and Nigeria, trying to deceive their house-slaves once again, to have them do their bidding.

However, the message to them (the British) is that “they can concoct all they want; they can meet with whatever communities they like, but they must not think of having Biafrans in their plans. Biafrans have suffered enough in their hands and would now take their destinies into their own hands. They should completely leave Biafrans and Biafraland out of whatever they are ‘cloning’.

Charles Philip, they called Prince Charles, is the son of Philip Andrew. Philip Andrew, the one called Prince Philip, and later Duke of Edinburgh, is the husband of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles’ mother. Charles and his father are supposed to be Danish or Greek, and Elizabeth is supposed to be a German. But due to some political concoctions, they are English, and have continued in the tradition of concocting things to deceive the people.

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It was such political concoctions they brought to the region of West Africa in 1914, and called it Nigeria. The accursed country they created was for their sole interest, which is the exploitation of the people’s resources against their will. In making sure that the concoction remained unchallenged and unbroken, they armed and commissioned their slave-raiding band of Fulani militia to hold the people down under jackboot.

Using various guises, the Fulani have been slaughtering the people under the direction and/or supervision of the British royal family. Their atrocities with slave-trade have not dissuaded them from inflicting pains on the people. This was how under three years, the British royal family and government armed the Fulani militia masquerading as Nigerian army to slaughter more than four (4) million Biafrans in the worst recorded pogrom in the world.

Charles went to Ghana to apologise for slavery. When he arrived Nigeria, what did he apologised for? I guess nothing. Instead, I would bet he strategized with his Fulani house-slaves on how best to supply them with more arms to slaughter Biafrans since the Biafrans have resolved not to participate in any of their sham called elections next year until a date for referendum is fixed and conducted.

Let it be well understood by Charles that Biafrans are no longer interested in the killing-field they concocted and named Nigeria. Let Charles know that Biafrans are not Nigerians; and Biafra is not Nigeria. Let him know that we are neither interested in the sham they call elections nor in the criminals and bandits that would be selected like the impostor, Jubril (the fake Muhammadu Buhari) or Atiku Abubakar.

We are Biafrans and what we want is referendum to determine those who want to remain with Nigeria from those who wants to separate with Biafra.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
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