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Sunday 4 November 2018

Buhari’s identity: ‘American experts will join me in exposing Jubril’ – Nnamdi Kanu

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

November 5, 2018

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has insisted that the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is dead and the person currently occupying the position in Aso-rock is an impostor who was imported by northern politicians from Sudan.

Speaking during a live broadcast last Saturday from his new base in Jerusalem, Israel, Kanu said the unmasking of Buhari whom he consistently referred to as ‘Jubril’ would be a collective effort, noting that an American expert is underway to join him in the exposure on a national TV.

According to the IPOB leader, “The unveiling of that very thing called Jubril will be a very collective one. By the time I start exposing him, most of you might find it difficult to understand the complexity of that very thing in Aso rock.

“Experts from America are coming to join me in this very exposure of that thing called Jubril. I’ll unmask that thing called Jubril on live television with experts. I can only forgive the cabals that imported that thing, if only they will return him back to Sudan.

“That thing in Aso-rock from Sudan is not bald, like the real Buhari. If you think I’m lying, ask that thing in Aso rock to remove his cap for air to penetrate his head, people will run away.

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“There is a cabal running the Zoo (Nigeria). El-Rufai, etc, are the ones that brought that thing called Jubril in Aso rock. That thing in Aso rock cannot speak Fulfude because he is not Fulani.

“Look at his fingers and ears, then you know he is an impostor. He is not more than 50 years but an impostor. Buhari is bald, but this current thing in Aso rock has hairs. The late Buhari wore suit with his bald head showing; ask this very thing to do the same thing.

“Before he came to Nigeria I knew his name because God reveals things to me. That certificateless thing in Aso rock must be exposed I’m here to save you from your ignorance and stupidity.”

He also called on the Nigerian masses to boycott next year’s elections if they must experience rapid change in the country even as he condemned the killing of Shi’ttes for protesting in Abuja, adding that Nigeria and Africa as a whole has remained backward as a result of the ‘evil mind and wickedness of the Black man.’

“I wish to appeal to every suffering person; you must ignore the established propaganda and join IPOB to boycott Nigeria elections.

“If you are tired of the massacre and pains in Nigeria, then you must boycott elections.

“Those of you who want restructuring, employment, then you must boycott elections.

“Black people have problems because we’re not educated enough, discerning enough and don’t reason well.

“Protesters in America blocked the most powerful man in the whole world, Donald Trump and he took another road. But a scavenging illiterate like Buratai (COAS) killed over one thousand Shi'ites for protesting. That is why Africa is too backward. The heart of the Black man is evil. We complain of racism but kill ourselves.

“The only thing Nigeria did in Abuja is to ask people to avoid the very road where people are massacred instead of rendering a solution. No collective consciousness!

“The sufferings of other people doesn’t affect Africans, that is why we suffer. People don’t speak against evil in Nigeria. Nobody remembers the genocide committed in Africa, that is why we are backward.

“There is something wrong with Africans, is because we don't have empathy. But Biafra will be different. If Biafra is going to be as wicked as Nigeria, where the government keeps mute over evil, let there be no Biafra. I want my people to be free,” he passionately asserted.

Kanu also lashed out at the West African Examinations Council, WAEC, and Nigeria’s electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for allegedly issuing a fake certificate to Buhari and refusing to demand for his original certificate respectively.

He asked, “How can you give us a certificate in 2014 that has Mathematics and in 2018, there is none?

“Everyone in WAEC office, including INEC, should be jailed. They should give us Buhari’s death certificate, not fraudulent one.

“When you go to a court of law and tell them I have not done anything, the judge will say: ‘My hands are tied’. And that is the end of it and you are going down.”

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