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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Biafra: Kanu, Buhari, Adesina, Jubril, The Dearth of a Nation

November 14, 2018

By Comrade Amos Kalu

I grew up to love Nigeria and determined to observe and practice all that I ever recited in her anthem and national pledge as a child.

But when I progressed in my life’s journey as a Nigerian, I realized that to observe all that you pledge, you must exercise a level of divine capability because it takes a superhuman ability to normally thrive in Nigeria.

As days turned into weeks, weeks into years of uncertain direction of purpose by default set for the citizens, not because you don’t dream purpose, but because you are initially programmed to be purposeless by the exact leaders that should give your purpose a flight.

From the 80s, it began to dawn on my young mind that hunger, lack, want and suffering should be a welcomed means of life, I embraced it. In my struggle to put my head above the waters of Nigeria endless deficiencies, I realized that the poverty was not natural, but a phenomena that Nigeria’s successive leadership had weaponised to keep her larger citizens at the lowest ebbs of mental unconsciousness because it takes a well fed man, woman, child or youth to think straight.

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As a result, when you expect a Nigerian to reason about the inherent follies with his environment, he focuses more on how to survive the next meal, exploiting these, the leaders continue to hold them in perpetual exploit. THE DEARTH OF A NATION


I was one of the very persons that distained Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his approach to Nigeria questions, especially his choice of language. But over time, I discovered that the more I tried not to listen, the more I was eager to listen to the next broadcast. He was only speaking to a backward people in a language they will understand. I really understood over time.

His voice became a history class that took me beyond the pages of Nigerian history books that has long been hidden from Nigerians. In the midst of his endless vituperations, his voice raised hope, aspirations and gave voice to even the voiceless ones. Everyone began calling for restructuring.

As blacks, I was among those that sometimes feel you can just wish a way certain  truth you don’t like, but with his method of blatant expository, I began to know how to embrace it and especially live above Nigeria media practice of suffocating the truth for monetary gratification. His truths were painful, the truth may pay slower, but the dividends tarry because only the truth can set Nigeria free.

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When Nnamdi kanu mentioned in 2017 that the man in Aso Rock was not Buhari, it took days for Nigeria to deploy troops as if we were at war. The speculation is that the action was aimed at dispersing IPOB, threatening to disrupt Anambra election. The idea is, “cut off the head of the hydra…” but to the chagrin of Nigerians, the recent developments have shown that there was more to the attempt on Nnamdi Kanu’s life than the election and IPOB activities.

When Kanu resurfaced in Israel and after the media stunt surrounding his second missionary journey, he disappointed many by going back to where he stopped and this time on a more daring dimension.

Within 2 weeks of his first broadcast, many Nigerians grew bold and found their voices again. Many that had remained blind since he left regained their sight and now asking questions.

While the Nigerian government has, as always, continued denying ever attempting on Nnamdi Kanu’s life, Adesina has boldly came out to declare with every certainty that Nnamdi Kanu died in Operation Python Dance II, and that the man speaking from Israel was not him. This was a sort of counter accusation to justify whoever is in Aso rock. By that, Adesina has agreed to few facts:

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The attack was primarily targeted to eliminate Kanu to hide the truth. As a result, he is certain that the old Kanu was dead, only his clone talking, not even the impersonator (his clone)
He has an authentic Intel that Kanu was eliminated after the operation.

He has indirectly, subtly and proudly accepted that they have every right to bring someone to replace Buhari if the need be. (Since IPOB could do it for Kanu, they too can do it for Nigerians)
He has lent credence to the argument that the man in Aso Rock is not the Original Buhari.
He has raised more questions on the true identity of our president.

I remember that it was activities of Nnamdi Kanu that gave rise to handshake across the Niger, Restructuring Meetings and Committees cum incessant Self Determination clamour even from the so called Niger Deltans. But when the people in power chased him away, everybody went back and hid behind their wife’s wrapper.

Now kanu is back and promising to bring hell back to Nigeria and some people are saying he want to bring war. Please let me ask us ‘is there going to be bigger hell than what Kanu has put Nigeria into since his emergence on RBL?” what other hell should we be expecting?

After his last broadcast, Nigeria government is now addressing the case of opening the Port Harcourt Sea Port, meaning that the closure of the ports in the East had a negative purpose as Nnamdi has repeatedly alleged.

Kanu’s truthful disposition has put Nigeria in a hell already, “expect not another hell’.

The Biafra Times
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
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