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Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Biafra Prophecy, The Prince And The End Of The World

By Onuoha Endurance | For Biafra Writers

October 23, 2018

Biafra is at the centre of the earth, the prime meridian. Biafra is the beginning of time and Biafra existed before the illegal creation called Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu who happens to be a prince has always informed those that care to listen that the messages he brought to the world was ordained and that he was mandated to carry out the mission of Biafra restoration. Could his coming be part of the revelation made by Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow over 400 years ago?

A warning to those who chose to sell their birthright for a bowl of porridge, the likes of most Biafran Governors, the Nduka Eyas, the Okorochas, Obianos, the Igbokwes of this world to remember what happened to Judas Iscariot. And for the likes of Umunna whom while a British white woman MP was writing and calling for the release of our hero and leader Nnamdi Kanu, he was busy pledging support for Buhari to be aware. Posterity will never forgive them!

What are the prophets really saying? Did Nostradamus see Biafra? The rising and setting of the sun is an unbroken ordinance of God: no one can prevent the sun from running its course. For, the sun is like a champion rejoicing to run his course. It rises at one end of the heavens and follows its course to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat (Psalm 19: 5-6).

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So, will the Rising Sun of Biafra, which many a Nigerian military dictator gleefully declared as being set forever, rise again? Is the Rising Sun of Biafra breaking upon the Trigger of the African Continent? “The Sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again” (Ecclesiastes 1:5). Did the man who was reputed to have “Seen tomorrow” see the Sun of Biafra rising?

A piece of information volunteered by one Mr. Francis Anyibe through his e-mail address, indicates that Nostradamus actually saw the Rising Sun of Biafra.

Read his mail: “If you are among those who presume that the Rising Sun of Biafra is set forever, you better had a rethink. Reason? A perceptive exploration of the predictions and prophecies of ‘the man who saw tomorrow,’ Nostradamus, revealed a marvelous prophetic inevitability of Biafra as a sovereign, strong, separate nation. Nostradamus, the 16th century famed Jewish-French doctor predicted over 400 years back, that “A Powerful Prince will arise in the world at the Trigger of the Gun. He will be the envy of other princes. They (the other princes) will try to subdue his rise but all will be a failure.

“An insight into this prediction reveals that the Trigger of the Gun is at the position of the yet-to-be-actualized Biafran Republic, and that Nostradamus’ Powerful Prince will come from this gestate republic – Biafra. It is noteworthy to recall that at the discovery of the African Continent, the name initially given to it was ‘The Gun,’ because of its semblance to the shape of a gun.

“Looking at the map of Africa, Biafra (bordered and deriving its name from the Bight of Biafra) is at the position of the Trigger of the African Gun – geographically speaking. It then follows that the Nostradamus’ predicted-powerful Prince will come from Biafraland.

“And how can that Prince arise without a sovereign Biafran State in place? What this translates into is that a sovereign Biafra is inevitable. It is as certain as “day following night,” Mr. Anyibe concluded.

One proven fact about Nostradamus’ predictions and prophecies is they hardly fail. He prophesied the coming of the first and second presumed anti-Christs – Napoleon and Hitler. He equally “saw” the Arabian prince wearing a blue turban who became a terror unto Europe and America – Osama Bin laden. This came to past equally. So, could it be that the Rising Sun of the Democratic Republic of Biafra is breaking upon us? Is Biafra, a nation designed in Heaven and chosen for world mission, actually the Trigger of the geographical Gun called Africa? We shall see!

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
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  1. The will of God most come to past all hail Biafra. God bless Biafra God bless Nnamdi KANU.

  2. The will of God most come to past all hail Biafra. God bless Biafra God bless Nnamdi KANU.

  3. Spiritually, the Biafra sun never set in 1970, it suffered an eclipse. Biafra is spiritual and once the evil that is Nigeria as it is, press and push you to the wall, your spiritual identity manifest and you see light emerge as the wall open for you to escape into spiritual freedom.

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  5. Biafra is a divine mandate that must be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what or how anybody feels. Check out Genesis 49, vs 19. The Igbo are the children of Gad. Jacob already told his son Gad what will happen to him in the future. In the first war it was stated that Gad will be defeated but the second time, Gad will emerge victorious. It’s already destined that Biafra must be restored. Whatever the zoo is doing will only hasten Biafra restoration period. All hail Biafra! All hail MNK!


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