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Sunday 14 October 2018


By Victoria O. C. Agangan
For Biafra Writers

October 14, 2018

Biafra is come
And triumphantly she ride,
Gallantly and joyfully into being.
As Jesus rode into Jerusalem
So her coming is heralded
And there is nothing stopping her entry.

I see glamour greasing pained faces
As with pride her flag they fly,
I hear rumours and whispers
As gladly her tidings are spread
“Biafra is at the doorstep
Unlatch the kingdom gate”

All that in sorrow have sown
Rejoice, for in plenty we shall reap!
Even the bones of our dead
Shall crackle with laughter of victory.
Saboteurs and enemies will scamper,
Forever to hide in fear and shame.
For mortality have turned immortality.

Biafra is come!
Wave her flag and say; Ahoy!

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