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Saturday 8 September 2018

The Unforgettable Heroes

Victoria  O.C. Agangan  | For Biafra Writers

September 8, 2018

Heroes aforetime had valiantly  fought
For same Biafra to breed
Though, they were made to bleed
Their spirits lived on...

Since 2015, the cold war has set:
Protests and struggles for Biafra
Has been intercepted with staged sets
Of abductions, incarcerations, illegal jail terms.

Not for Gold, nor silver they sought
But what rightly is theirs at first,
Though they met waterloo...
Their glory will we not lay low
But shall make it flow
And with resounding glow
We must herald their glorious exit
With great expectations as they exit
Via the heroes tunnels.

Unknown to them, but with huge affection
For their Biafra
They had set out from nooks and crannies
On 30th May, to honour  their heroes
With great respect, they had gotten  abode
Buses, planes, trains and cars...
To mark the birth of Biafra,
Unknown to them, with arms and arrows
Nigerian, joint forces laid siege and with poisoned arrows, gasses  and bullets
Felled many souls in Anambra.

Unknown to them but with great love for Biafra,
These comrades  answered the clarion call
With passion and zeal to restore Biafra,
Unfortunately; Pythons Danced from Aso rock
To rhythms played by Ohanaeze and Southeast governors
This design designated against heroes
Felled our youths, fathers, sisters, mothers
Traditional leader, our leader in Afaraukwu.

Although you are felled, stolen and hidden
We will never relent nor forget, sacrifices you made,
Forever you will be remembered and immortalized
Your expectations must also be realized,
As this day we solemnly promise,
You shall be rewarded as Biafra comes.

Edited and Published by THE BIAFRA TIMES
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