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Saturday 15 September 2018

Nigeria’s paranoiac fear and panic over Biafra increases by the day

Chuba Ebenezer | Biafra Writers

September 16, 2018

Ever since the current agitation for the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra began, Nigerian central government, under Mohammadu Buhari, has spent huge amount of resources in attempts to contain and stop it. Interestingly, it has failed; which incidentally is a major reason the country’s economy is currently in tatters today.

A substantial part of the resources were spent on bribing the media (both local and international); as well as men and women. Uncountable millions in foreign currencies were expended (and are still being expended) to bribe dubious international businessmen, women and organizations, who at sundry times have promised the government to have the magic wand that would stop the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) from making progress in the Biafra restoration effort.
IPOB is the body of Biafrans which are in the vanguard of obtaining independence for their country from the accursed British creation called Nigeria. Their modus operandi is through peaceful and none violent means.

The dubious individuals, nations, and organizations, that collected bribe-money to stop IPOB, have described them and their method as Nigeria’s “greatest headache”.
The various operation PYTHON dance 1, 11, and 111, that has been initiated by the Nigeria army, in parts of Biafra, which they call South-east, goes a long way to define Nigeria as “Paranoiac panic of a failed state”. This definition comes in view of the fact that Biafraland has relatively been the most peaceful part of Nigeria in about 50 years.

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It is unimaginable that Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen are wasting the lives of innocent Nigerians raiding, killing and sacking soldiers from their barracks unabated and the armed forces cannot do much to stop them. Instead, the people are daily inundated with stories of shortage of arms and human resources on the part of the military. But the Nigerian government would deploy troops to Biafraland.

In the military circle, any time there is such military deployment and exercise; it amounts to a declaration of war and outright provocation. This is why it bothers every right-thinking person, each time the Nigeria military announce their sinister operations in a peaceful civilian neighbourhood. Every operation that has gone by had left a trail of death and destruction.

"As the Nigerian government kicks off another Operation Python dance in Biafraland this year, the question now is “for how long are Biafrans going to condone this malicious declaration of war and undue provocation against them, by the Nigeria military?”

Does it really mean that with the acquisition of the state of the art military equipment, the fighter jets, the warships, etc., Nigeria is still paranoid over the Indigenous people of Biafra, a people without arms and ammunition? Is this fallout of the potent, superior arguments and sound reasoning that Biafrans have unleashed against Nigeria?

As everything stands now, the message is simple, and that is our struggle is ideological and cannot be destroyed. And therefore, no amount of brutality, savagery, human rights abuses, arrests and imprisonment, torture or death, can destroy the Biafra ideology.

Our advice to Nigerian authorities is that they should give peace a chance by going against IPOB through persuasion and not persecution. Nigeria should try sound reasoning by accepting a referendum for Biafra. Yes, a referendum should be organized with the United Nations (UN) and other international nations and bodies at the driving seat.
If the result favours Nigeria, Biafrans – being ever peaceful – will abide by the outcome and drop the agitation. Let it be known that this current application of crude and archaic methods to stop Biafran agitation will never succeed.

Understandably, the money expended on fighting IPOB is wasted, for it was (and is being) used to fight a non-existent enemy. IPOB is not an enemy because what it is doing is peaceful and will favour every other nationality group in the contraption.
Were half of that amount of money expended in fighting Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen; and in creating jobs for the unemployed, the Nigerian story would have been better today. So Nigeria should stop the perversion and do the needful!

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