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Tuesday 18 September 2018

For The Love Of Dogged Perseverance And Due Justice: A Protest Letter By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu To President Donald Trump, The U.S Congress And The Judiciary

September 18, 2018

Your Honorable Excellencies,

I am acutely humbled and intensively galvanized to present you with this letter. With all my heart, I must embrace the unparalleled truth by commending the leadership crew of the United States of America and her law-abiding citizens for the following reasons; the great sacrifice paid during the journey to independence, for maintaining such a galore of unity amongst the rich heritage states without force or killing and lastly for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of the Most High God. It would be an affront to history and posterity for me not to endorse the rocketing fact that this great country has proudly practiced true federalism which evidently has enabled her to be a strong country well-stocked with heroic and outstanding discoveries ever known to man. I admire such a great country.

As Thomas Jefferson╩╝s introductory words depict, “we hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” these undebatable facts from Jefferson would echo most strongly throughout generations to come. I believe that it is on these simple truths that the United States of America has progressed and excelled in all facets of life. Hence, feudalism is totally off the hook of the American government modus operandi.

On the state of the African continent, the struggle of the United States to see that Africa is remodelled into a promising continent devoid of terrorism, underdevelopment and generally backwardness, is profitably felt. But the Africa of today as seen by many has become vulnerable to countries of dubious character who came-in to destabilize, ruin and jeopardize her development by delving into her politics through their ‘warrant chiefs,’ parading as leaders. These parasitic countries with the epic help of their warrant chiefs have perfected plans on how to continue duping good countries like the United States that harbours good dreams for the black continent.

As you may likely know that discussing Africa’s evolution without Nigeria appearing on the bigger picture would be complicitly incomplete. As Gbemisola Adeoti, a revered lecturer in one of Nigeria’s most celebrated universities called Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) would metaphorically present Nigeria as an ‘ambusher’ of her dreams and that of Africa in general. It is with a heart devoid of pretence that I appeal to your humble offices to x-ray the state of Nigeria so as to exhume the simple solution to her ills. Before that, I have some suggestions to make.

The emphatic truth carved in stone is that the rain beating the black continent today is as a result of the partitioning of the African territories against their natural boundaries. This is otherwise known to scholars today as ‘Scramble for Africa.’ In Nigeria, as a creation of the British colony, it is still this villainous controversial gathering of the world’s leading European powers in what is known today as the Berlin Conference of 1885 that precipitated the creation of new boundaries that caused great violence to Africa’s ancient societies, top of the list is the defunct Republic of Biafra which Biafrans today are struggling to resurrect. That same gathering resulted in the creation of tension-prone states like the Nigeria we see today.

As the Holy Bible would succinctly put it clear in Psalm 11:3 that: “Foundation once destroyed, what can the righteous do?” This would propel me to state unequivocally here that the aids been rendered by the United States of America to the Nigerian government in the fight against terrorism which is second to none in history are all efforts in futility until the United States revisits the foundation which brought Nigeria into existence in order to accurately ascertain the real disease which is the ‘incompatibility’ of ethnic nationals that constituted the Nigerian state which was somewhat a byproduct of the Berlin Conference of 1885. Nigeria as an embodiment of distinct nationalities is duly ripe to be subjected to a credible and independent referendum to put an end to all the problems/crises bedevilling the Nigerian state once and for all. Just as her creator, Fredrick Lugard rightly confessed that northern Nigeria and its southern region are like oil and water which can never mix together, l make bold to say that subjecting Nigeria to a referendum is the only panacea to ending Nigeria’s societal ills and that of Africa in general.

In words of one syllable, I would like to bring to the attention of the American government that helping Nigeria in any aspect is beginning to dent America’s image. People around the world are harboring this feeling that the United States is only interested in making huge profit by selling guns and military hardwares to Africa (Nigeria) in the guise of aiding in the fight against terrorism and protection of Africa (Nigeria). Your honourable Excellencies, Africa is asking for food not dopes. I think the sagely unity that the United States of America is enjoying today was not and is not achieved through guns and bullets (force). It is against the law of nature to sell ammunition to a hungry continent (people) which they will, in turn, end up utilizing to further terrorize and destroy defenseless and unarmed fellow citizens in their midst and not to fight against terrorism as expected of them.

We must admit that there was a country in Africa which would have changed Africa. Africa would have largely benefited from the Biafra sovereignty, as a result of its human and material resources. If you take time to study the present state of Nigeria today, it would dawn on sane-minded people that the defeat of Biafra is not a victory for the Nigerian people but for the British government and the neo-colonialists like Soviet. Going by their tremendous inventions and heroic activities during the war, one doesn’t need to be convinced that if such a nation that believes in liberalism was allowed by countries such as Britain, Russia, Egypt and others to emerge, they would have transformed the Africa of today to something much better. Just as the state of Israel whom they share same rich heritage with, is used as an example in the Middle East, so also the state of Biafra would have been to the black continent. Indeed as most people would assert, “In Biafra, Africa died.”

Biafra war remains the most horrific war ever in human history given to the holy and miraculous events that took place. I am talking about the first televised war in history. A war that must have made God ‘sick.’ A war that killed more vulnerable people like children and elderly persons than soldiers. Your excellencies, sorry, it’s so annoying and pathetic to remember. We have not forgotten the courageous Bruce Mayrock that set himself ablaze in front of the UN building after seeing how the Biafran people were been massacred. Even as a child during the Biafra war, Steve Jobs lost faith in God after seeing the hunting images of the starved children of Biafra.

Isn’t it awful that while the British government may consider as genocide, the massacre of a few hundred English people, that figure may rise to a few thousand in relation to other European nations and a few million for African nations. Britain deliberately created a society that would live in division; a society that will always be against itself. For a federation to work, no one group will have the advantage of relying on its unaided strength, but in Nigeria, Britain made the northern part to rely on the southern part of the country. In essence, the southern part of Nigeria is the beautiful bride supplying every need of the northern part and that has made the forced and unconsented union difficult for a divorce. Britain gave power to the north that practices feudalism in order to continue milking the enormous mineral resources from the Biafra region and using it to enhance, strengthen and rejuvenate their suffocated and dying economy.

This time around, the Biafran people are poised for their total independence from the contraption. They are following the rules and guidelines laid down by the United Nations General Assembly in pursuit of genuine freedom and self-determination. Yet, Biafrans are been massacred in their numbers, some are being bathed with acidic substances while many others were subjected to drink and swim in muddy water by the Nigerian soldiers. Their mothers are being molested and raped by the Nigerian army and sometimes by the Fulani herdsmen who are of northern extraction. To this end, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu and his aged parents are still been held in confinement by the Nigerian military who invaded his house on 14th September 2017 against court orders. In this unwarranted invasion, 28 Biafrans who came to visit the IPOB leader died by the lethal bullets of these unprofessional soldiers. The wounds are too numerous to mention here. But amidst of all these obnoxious treatments meted on them, the Biafrans has remained peaceful in their quest.

For the love of dogged perseverance and due justice, your Excellencies, it is time to give the brave and good people of Biafra their overdue independence. This can be done through a referendum. A call for referendum is not a call for war. But if the Nigerian government wants war, we will not fold our arms. We held them with Britain, Russia and other foreign countries for three good years; we are equal to the task.

We urge you to stop the bloodshed in Nigeria; not by supplying them with guns and bullets but by subjecting her to a referendum. That would start with the Biafra referendum.

God bless the United States of America, God bless the United States of Biafra and God bless the state of Israel.

Yours’ Most Sincerely,
Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

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Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

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