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Sunday 9 September 2018


Chuba Ebenezer | Biafra Writers

September 9, 2018

There are all indication that the Nigeria government and her partisan and politicised security forces do not learn from history, how else can one define the purported build of troops around Nnamdi Kanu's residence. Or do you murder and decimate the innocents and deny their loved ones the privilege to mourn their loses?

The excesses of the Fulani government in Nigeria have become so alarming that it's almost impossible to ignore. Civil disobedience and strike are rights of ordinary people, who possess neither bow nor arrow, with which to fight the torture, brutality, oppression, subjugation and murder of their people.

As we are confronted with these massive threats to our very existence as a people, the world looked on, still undecided on how best to react to our cry for help. Is it true that the world only cares about their national and economic interest nothing more, nothing less?

On the 14th SEPT 2017 our people were surrounded tortured and murdered; many others captured and taken captives as spoils of war. And the world echoed no comments! Is it true that the world have no morals? Is it true that our lives are been exchanged for oil and gas?

On August 17, 2018, our grandmothers, mothers and sisters, who embarked on a peaceful demonstration, demanding for the whereabouts of their son, husband and uncle, who went missing after the Nigeria soldiers invaded his house on September 14, 2017,were humiliated, degraded, rounded up and sent to prison for daring to demand answers from Nigeria government.

The Anambra State police commissioner Garba Umar and the State Governor, Willie Obiano are raging about how they will deal with the people's desire to sit at home on Friday, 14th September. We urge our people to be very vigilant and wary of these monsters in power that can kill in order to remain relevant. If the Anambra State government or any other government in Biafra land, for that matter, have better arguments and cogent reasons why we should not mourn our dead on the 14th day of September, they should avail same to the people for them to make informed decisions on this. Otherwise, our people should be allowed to respect and mourn their loved ones, whose lives were cut short in their prime by the reckless and ruthless sectional military.

The Biafra Times 
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah 

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