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Sunday 9 September 2018

Biafra: Let's Reason With IPOB To Decide Our Future For Posterity Sake

Comr Chukwu Ogbu | For Biafra Writers

September 9, 2018

As Nigeria gears up to another round of general elections in 2019, the quest for good governance has once again taken centre stage, with politicians calling all and sundry to work towards attaining exemplary leadership in the country whereas they themselves are tyrannical.

It's time the Masses opens their eyes to realities.

Every four years, Nigerian politicians makes jest of the downtrodden citizens, they share cups of rice, one piece of wrapper in other to lure voters. They will promise heaven and earth, but immediately they cling unto power, they will quickly introduce stringent policies which would be very cumbersome to inhabit.

Nigeria politicians are only good in grassroots campaign and not grassroots development and this is why the rural dwellers in Biafraland should desist from participating and voting people who are only after their stomachs infrastructures.

Today, if you visit several communities in South East/ S-South, you must definitely shade tears. The living conditions and environments are hazardous and life-threatening, our politicians seem not to care much in our plights.

The issues of schools and adequate funded hospitals is nothing to write about.

In the South East, all hospitals owned by government especially General Hospitals is now a home for bat and haven for termites.

We the people seem to be the architect of our plights, how then are we blind to see the handwriting on the wall; a writing that our politicians do not mean well for us? a writing that they are sadist who enjoys the suffering of the Masses?

Just few months to the general election, they have started Re-commissioning old rehabilitated projects they commission 4 years ago, embarking on a hundred more which must definitely become abandoned soon, but who is deceiving who?

We as a people must reason together with IPOB  to decide our fate and future; to choose between light and darkness; Truth and Evil; Subjugation and Emancipation.

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