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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Poetry: The Day Of Visitation

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

August 28, 2018

The humiliation is colossal-
The embarrassment from Vulture-like rulers
Against those they call their infants
Braggadocio, these Vultures make bogus
Of these infant-kings begging them
But the truth shall wear its garb of divination
On the day of visitation

These elders of doom in shepherd's clothing
They have hijacked the ship of plenty
Sailing for the poor
The poor die penniless
Like rotten fruits, they drop daily
And no one cares

They leverage on the carcass of their people
They get "change" from the enemy
For killing their own people
The people want bread, not blood
Oh! Callous well-offs

My people are humiliated by their insult
Forthwith, I refrain
From writing epitaphs
And singing dirges
Though I am still attending the funeral of my brothers and sisters
I would rather die than live through this humiliation

On the day of visitation
When the young visits swords of vengeance on the old
This my anger revoked by your unrelenting sabotage
Shall be laid to rest

The few fellow hungry stricken ones
Those you give guns to guard you
Shall disperse to safety when they see the masses' rage
Then, you shall collapse like a sand castle
In the face of the whirlwind
Then I shall paint the face of nemesis
On the Dracula's sepulchre.

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