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Saturday 4 August 2018

Fear And Force: Two Elements That Controls Africa Which Buhari Understands And Exerts On The Nigeria Political Class

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | For Biafra Writers

August 5, 2018

In Africa, fear and force are unfortunately the two major elements that reign supreme in bringing to reality whatever ambition anyone holds, most especially in the political arena by the politicians. This is highly possible in Africa due to the nature of people inhabiting that part of the world - Africans, especially those in leadership positions can't reason, cannot comprehend and are psychotic in the brain, hence fear and force yield more desired results than listening to the voice of reason. To their politicians, they become overwhelmed and corrupted by power - which means intimidation, subjugation, exploitation, killing of their subjects and anything that has to do with brazen abuse of power.

The trend of tyranny is bountiful and festering in Africa, mostly been engineered and perfected by the Europeans. Just like President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, there are also the likes of Paul Biya of Cameroon, Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo, Mobutu of Congo, Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, El Hadj Omar Bongo of Gabon to mention but a few. These men have accomplished their respective inordinate desires with the use of brute force and inflicting fear into the minds of their subjects. Albeit truth is so offensive to the status quo in Africa, but it must be told since true peace cannot be allowed to reign.

There's no need gainsaying the fact that Nigeria is ripe for conquest and secession just as Africa was for colonization. For good governance in Nigeria, no hope, that can never be obtained no matter whichever political party takes the mantle of leadership. Nothing survives on deceit and delusion and Nigeria cannot be an exception as she was laid and/or conceived on false, fraudulent and faulty foundation.

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It was out of fear and force that Africa was exploited beyond measures. Since colonization, fear and force remain a determining factor for every successful ambition in Africa. This could be seen in history, in the second voyage of Vasco da Gama to India in 1502. Da Gama stopped at Kilwa Kisiwani in present-day Tanzania in Eastern Africa. Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese, threatened to burn down Kilwa which was an important city for trade in Africa. It was out of fear and by force that the Sultan was compelled to acknowledge the supremacy of the Portuguese king and to pay an annual tribute. This was also a similar plight that befall Zanzibar, another African and a host of others. There are two swords - swords of secession and conquest, bedevilling Nigeria. These swords, one has already started using fear and force to attain its objectives.

The so-called Igbo coup - it would be foolhardy not to bring this issue to the fore due to the present state of Nigeria. The evil drama playing out now in the country was what paved the cause for the coup. Was it truly an Igbo coup? If so, why was Obafemi Awolowo, a non-lgbo chosen by the plotters to be declared the Head of Nigerian government after the coup? Why was Col. Unegbu, an lgbo man, for the sake of Nigeria, paid with his life for his non-cooperation? Was the coup necessary then and also now as things are in Nigeria? These are unavoidable questions we need to ponder on.
It is so disappointing to see that a well-coordinated and supported coup by the three constituencies making up Nigeria, was later categorized as Igbo coup. It was this same arrogant miscarriage of the Muslim-Northern Tafawa Balewa and the Sarduana who out of their arrogance and selfish quest for domination, believed that politically, Nigeria belongs to them and so they are free to kill at will, practice corruption, raise political violence in Yoruba land, and so on, which gave birth to the coup that everybody in Nigeria was happy with. History is repeated with General Muhammadu Buhari as the instrument of fear and force, playing out again through the Armed Forces that are comfortably rested in his hands.

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As some people are jubilating, howbeit unreasonably, over the height of political prostitution in the gale of defection that has once again captured the Nigerian political scenery which has hit the All Progressives' Congress, APC party, it is also good to educate the misguided citizens of Nigeria that no level of defection will ever affect its chances of winning the 2019 presidential election. If you ask me why, then I'd say, "Welcome to military rule." Nigeria is living in pretense, claiming to be practicing democracy, secularism and rule of law.

Only the Eastern part of Nigeria could have saved people from these tyrannical actions meted on the politicians as they did with the coup which everybody was happy with. But unfortunately for them, the East is singing a different song which is separation, independence via referendum. I would state clearly here that the only reason for this childish party defection experienced in Nigeria is due to the inability of the other wounded and disgruntled politicians to carry out a coup. Only a coup can oust President Muhammadu Buhari from power as it is with his fellow dictators in the world.

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