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Saturday 25 August 2018

Biafra: This Is For The Biafran Women (2)

Victoria .O. C. Agangan | For Biafra  Writers

August 26, 2018

Let us with boldness and one accord face these killing machines of Ohanaeze, weak eastern states governors, and crumpled leaders who swim in their masters' faeces, permitting the uncircumcised herdsmen and their killer squads into our lands.

With zeal, we must roll away this barricade of oddities resigning us to horrible backgrounds. Let us refuse to cook sweet words for the comforts of these backstabbing husbands, brothers and fathers in leadership.  They have dim our sun at noon and has done nothing to abate the spite leashed on our youths.

Our youths are meant to inherit parental properties and privileges but these do not seek to possess heirs, they give away their lineage like Esau regardless of the outcome.
This is a shame, unwelcome and an unacceptable woe that has bedridden our entity.

Enough is enough!
I remember  Margaret Ekpo! I acknowledge the Aba women riot!  in those days of oppression who confronted suppression squarely.

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Winnie Mandela fought for South Africa liberation.  Let us copy these women of valour. Biblical  Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite who lured Sisera with milk into her tent and nailed his forehead to nothingness and lifelessness. We need to use our potentials, even more than Delilah did to Samson and reduced him to nothing.

The power of a woman is still potent today, use it to save our Biafra for we have no other identity!  Support the fight for freedom. We cannot sit in weakness but bravely stand by our men of valour. Let us ensure victory!

We must end the slaying of our kin and kith, the fruits of our womb. They are killed, thrown to the woods for vultures and other preying animals. Tufiakwa!

ENOUGH  is enough!  The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force!
Join forces with our warriors and war bravely until we defeat the impunity raging Biafra land.

Let us ensure the shinning of her rays as we must lead choruses like Biblical  Miriam into her glory and independence.

It is Biafra or we are doomed to widowhood and motherlessness!
It is Biafra for our glory!
Ahoy! Mothers! Women set the sail and let us raise the pillars of Biafra.

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