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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Herdsmen Killings: Farmers In Ishiagu And The Fulani Fight For Supremacy

By Desmond Ajah | For Biafra Writers

June 19, 2018

EBONYI - After observing the plight of the indigenes of Ishiagu community in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi state, I was moved to interact with the resident farmers and local women. I observed and came to the conclusion that if Biafra is not restored in no distant time, our people will be fully conquered with starvation and whatever that may be before us.

Right from the time of creation, Ishiagu people (farmers and industrialists of Ebonyi state) go to farm at all time and seasons without fear of wild animals or any cloned faces, till the time of cattle breeders migration to pasture for their herds. During those time, the herdsmen guides their cattle from grazing field to another with carefulness and not leaving it unfettered to destroy live crops or pollute the land and water, and even when they meet a farmer in his farmland, they assist him with farm work to gain favour from the farmer, either to gain water or food or both which they equally reciprocate the kind gesture by giving the farmer Nunu Milk.

The herdsmen never fetch or wash their bodies in their host village streams as they apply caution so as to enjoy their stay. At the sign of the approach of raining season, the herdsmen migrate back to the North with their cattle and this has remained a routine existence between them and their host community. All these and other cordial relationships existed between the herdsmen and the people of the Eastern region until these recent years when they have completely turned into a monstrous being.

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Presently in Ishiagu and other communities in Biafra land, farmers and villagers now live in fear of impending attacks, molestations, shedding of blood by the jihadist extremists in guise of the Fulani herdsmen of today, both at home and in the farms. This write-up was triggered by the present state of the people of Biafra. The farmers in Ishiagu and other parts of Biafra land no longer go to their farms alone because of the fear of possible attacks by the herdsmen. The farmers now visit their farms or engage in farmworkers in clusters and groups and if there is any day other farmers are heading to other direction different from someone's farm, then you must stay back at home or you risk your wife and children being slaughtered in cold blood by the herdsmen.

Where is the Igbos' pride which lies fearless in every single Igbo man? When and how did we come this far? When did we allow our self-pride and braveness to be silenced and dwindled by the actions of political jobbers in Igbo land who have sold our collective interest for their selfish political interests.

At the present day of this raining and planting season, the herdsmen has taken over farms in Ishiagu and other parts of Biafra land killing, intimidating, raping and molesting their host farmers and inhabitants of the land. At this time of the raining season, the herdsmen and their cattle should be out of the eastern region as being practiced during their time of early migration to the east to give way for farmers to plant their crops but currently the farmers are experiencing heavy influx of cattle and armed herdsmen destroying crops/plants, raping and killing men, women and children. This impunity has recently become more pronounced as the federal government is doing everything possible to empower the herdsmen constitutionally after the failed cattle colony bill. The government is now on the track of making laws to alter the land tenure system to forcefully absorbing and transferring ownership of the land of the Easterners to the herdsmen in the ongoing coastal region land reform.

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Biafrans should arise and take forcefully our rightful possession either in peace or in pieces as the Bible is quoted thus, "the kingdom of children of God suffereth violent and only the violent taketh it by force." It is indeed time for the indigenes of Ishiagu to come together as one and reclaim their lost heritage.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

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