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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Battle for 2019: Prophet Nwoko spits fire, says declare me President of Biafra or watch Nigeria scatter

•I’ll take angels to stop Buhari’s re-election
•Abiola’s posthumous award, political

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

June 13, 2018

ENUGU— Renowned Enugu-based spiritual crusader, Prophet Anthony Nwoko has vowed that nothing would stop him this time from wielding the authority bestowed on him to salvage the people of Biafra and take them home to the promised land.

Addressing a cross-section of journalists yesterday in a press briefing at the NUJ Press Centre, Enugu, Nwoko reiterated that the 2019 general election has already been annuled by God, urging President Muhammadu Buhari and all the political aspirants to ‘step aside for his glory to shine.’

Hear him: “Nobody can change the Will of God in this country. Buhari is wasting his time right now because the Angels have come out to annul anything that will come from election in this country. Biafra is the light, this is the glory that God has given me. If they refuse it, I’ll use the last angel in Heaven to stop both Biafra and Nigeria if they don’t allow the Will of God to manifest.

“I came from Igboland, they rejected me from the Southwest. They took my message to Awolowo in 1987, telling him that an anointed King has come from Igboland. Awolowo told them to eliminate me. When he said that in March 1987, by May 1987, Awolowo died. Biafra is our home, since they rejected me from the land of the Yorubas and tried to use Abiola to conceal my glory and the angels annuled it, let the Igbos wake up now and take their blessings, crown this anointed King, let the world rejoice.

“Gentlemen of the press, nobody will stop me this time around. I am going to take my people to the promised land. I came as an Igbo man and they humiliated me. Because of the injustice in Nigeria, the Igbos will go and serve their God in Biafra. Prophet Nwoko is ready to use the authority and power bestowed on him by Heaven to give my people peace, joy, songs of salvation. The Igbos have suffered enough in this country. My glory must shine. I don’t care what the world is saying. If they are in doubt, let them assemble their religious men. The kingdom of God has been taken by violence, we are taking it back right now and restore it as the light of Biafra nation.

“Nobody can stop me. I have the anointing, I have the authority, I have the power, I have the mandate, I have the blessings, I have the Holy spirit, I have the holiness, I have the purity. Nobody can take my glory for the north or southwest. They’ve fooled the nation, but they can’t fool God. Enough is enough to this wicked nation called Nigeria.

“I came from Heaven and I have the missions given to me. It is me that will open them for my people, give them peace, give them joy, I have the mandate. There’s nobody that can stop me, by the time my glory is crowned, I’ll tell my people what God has in stock for them and how our salvation will be and how they’re going to rule the world. The northerners and the Yorubas have messed up and they cannot continue anymore. I stand to seal it. Anything short of this message to the world, am going to use the authority given to me.

“I’m here to tell Buhari and all the so-called aspirants for the president of this country, that their time is up, let them go with their Nigeria. Tell Buhari to go and rest, he is disturbing this country. If he want to rule over his people and the Yorubas, he should go ahead but for the Igbo nation, he cannot, because Heaven has taken over. If the governors, the Ohanaeze and all the politicians say that God will not take his position in Igboland, anything they see from now, they’ll know that God is working. 2019 has been anuled.”

Asked if he has other people backing him on his quest or if he was just doing it alone, the fiery prophet said, “When God sent Moses, He gave him an instruction, this is what you’ll do with Pharaoh and he followed it up and Pharaoh fell. Goliath will fall now in Nigeria, take it or leave it. This demonic government will go and give way for the new nation called Biafra for Biafra is the light of God.”

When asked about his opinion on the posthumous award bestowed on the acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election, Nwoko said the Holy spirit annuled Abiola’s election because they refused to acknowledge the light from the East, adding that the award was a mere political gimmick employed by President Buhari to obtain the support of the people of the Southwest.

“June 12 was annuled by Heaven, not by Babangida. I told Babangida in 1993 that if you refuse to allow the glory of the Igbo nation to come out, they’ll be dead bodies on the street. Everybody saw what happened from January 1 to June 12, 1993. The Heaven annuled the government.

“The religious men in Nigeria sold my glory to the Southwest and that is why they brought in MKO Abiola for the presidency when they know there’s a Light from the East and I went into spirit and told the world that power belongs to this child.

“I made sure Babangida stepped aside in Aso-rock, I made sure Abacha would not take the presidency in 1998 and I made sure that the plan of the Yorubas to install an Obasanjo predidency, that he didn’t wear the crown and also Abiola did not wear the crown.

“Therefore, whatever Buhari is doing, it’s just a political game. He only wants to gain favour from the Yorubas so that he remains president but I’ve said it that I’ll stop Buhari. I have the authority. One million Buharis cannot stop me because I came as a Lamb of God and a Lamb of God must not be killed and the Bible said, touch not my anointing and do my prophets no harm,” he stated.

Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]


  1. Iseeeeeeee. Let God's Will be done.

  2. Amen. Let God take over and let the people rejoice. You are not alone sir. God has left a remnant in the land who understand your message and will stand with you all the way.


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