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Wednesday 16 May 2018


Published By The Biafra Times | May 17, 2018

By Carol Munday
[Special Representative for IPOB, worldwide, and Editorial Board member of Radio Biafra]

No words I write can ever say how much we miss you every day,
Chimaobi Okafor - Ada Biafra (daughter of Biafra). It is hard to accept your death because you left us at a time we never imagined; at the prime of life, and most especially when it seems like an irreplaceable part of our world is gone. Your death was so untimely; a shock to us all, but we intuitively know that you followed the path God had laid out for you - a path to eternal freedom.

We will often think of you and call your names. All the memories of you, we shall engrave on our hearts; including your sacrifices in the pursuit of Biafra restoration.

You were ever fanatical about Biafra. You exhibited Biafra colours on your hair, your clothes, jewelries; everything, Biafra!
You were courageous, vibrant and energetic; always here and there to make sure the gospel of Biafra is preached to humanity. Oh! I miss your informative and analytical programmes on Radio Biafra.
Sometimes I wish I could tell myself that you'll be back someday. If I could make just one wish right now, I would wish you come back to stay. However,  we believe Chukwu Abiama has stretched out his hands and received you in His bosom.

Although we cannot hear your voice or see your ever smiling face, we know deep in our hearts, that you have not left us. However, you slept that the sun may rise again. That very sun BIAFRA.

May your soul Rest In Peace, dear sister.
Good night, Ada Biafra; till we meet in the resurrection morning.

The Biafra Times 2018

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