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Monday 21 May 2018

IPOB thank all those who contributed to the success of today's outing, as Ohanaeze bow in shame

May 21, 2018

IPOB Press Statement 

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership worldwide wish to use this opportunity to commend our hardcore family members from across Biafraland that defied the full military siege at Ekwueme Square, illegal arrests and tear gas, to prove that IPOB is indeed formidable.  Nnia Nwodo's restructuring summit was a total failure thereby reaffirming our uncompromising stance in the full restoration of Biafra.

We equally thank those governors, clergy, Senators, House of Reps and Assembly members that listened to IPOB and declined to attend the event. We particularly appreciate the open rejection of the summit by Ala-Igbo Development Foundation (ADF). Other groups like teachers, civil servants, women groups, youth associations, traders, artisans, traditional rulers and students that stayed away from the summit has given us hope that Biafra restoration has the blessing of the overwhelming majority of our people.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and their collaborators now know that no amount of Hausa-Fulani soldiers and military hardware will ever deter IPOB from carrying out any threat it issues. Eternal humiliation has befallen Ohaneze Ndigbo for surrounding a venue of a public meeting in Igboland with Hausa Fulani soldiers.

IPOB is not a terrorist group despite all the provocations and will remain so until Biafra is fully restored. But our voice must be heard anytime we speak because what we seek is freedom and liberty for all not just for ourselves. IPOB will go on exposing the plans of the enemy against our people. Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership have realised today that our people are against their politics as usual.

Nnia Nwodo and others that used the cover of Operation Python Dance to remove our leader, kill IPOB family members at Isiama Afaraukwu and proscribe IPOB can now attest to the fact that IPOB is indestructible. The era of Fulani stooges running the affairs of the masses in Igboland in particular and Biafraland in general has come to an end today in Awka.


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  1. Thanks as well I should say to all Biafrans & Ipob hard cores. May Chukwu Okike Abia-amara, the Almighty God Jehovah bless all of you who defiled the stupid, false & hopeless attempt made by Ohanaeze cultural group with Fulani oligarchy to deceive our people. I hail you all with the greatest hearted love & personal genuine interest for the restoration of Biafra. Referendum for Biafra's freedom holds &, remains the only solution to series of unfortunate & helpless situation that has been dragging Nigeria to her grave; 30th of May holds & remains this year's expected "sit @ home for memorial of all Biafrans Heros & Heroines who paid the ultimate price before the war, during the war, after the war & up till date with their lives. We can never fail to remember them. All hail Biafra. Long live people of good conscience. Long live Ipob. Long live Biafra. To our leader Nnamdi Kanu, I say thanks so much May Almighty God protect & guide Him for Biafrans.


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