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Sunday 29 April 2018

Those seeking to implicate IPOB will end up implicating themselves


29 April 2018

The attention of the worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been drawn to a statement making the rounds on social media that Alimajiri Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen intend to commence the bombing of police stations and government buildings to coincide with the visit of 'Buhari' to the United States in the hope of implicating IPOB. This evil plot, if determined to be accurate, is intended to serve two purposes.

1. The organisers of this terror campaign intend to deflect attention away from the massive embarrassment and public humiliation that awaits 'Buhari' in Washington DC courtesy of IPOB in the USA.

2. They may have wrongly calculated that embarking on mass murder and destruction is the only way to convince the US authorities that IPOB is a terrorist organisation deserving of proscription and extra judicial executions.

Whatever the motives of these Alimajiri Fulani terrorists, they have failed woefully. Our modus operandi remains the same. A sustained campaign of civil disobedience, targeted global campaigns, protests, boycotts, picketing, rallies, international diplomacy and worldwide coordinated legal assault on the criminal conduct of the Nigerian state. Anything outside these areas has nothing to do with IPOB.

Our reach is global, our appeal universal. Whatever South East governors, Nnia Nwodo and Ohaneze Ndigbo is planning with the Nigerian government in their desperation to bring IPOB into disrepute, will most definitely backfire on them. Should any bombs go off or properties damaged in this ignoble quest to implicate IPOB, the world must hold South-East governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo and Nigerian government responsible.

We don't need bombs to destroy Nigeria, truth is sufficient. Moreover Nigeria is falling apart at the seams on a daily basis courtesy of this barbaric Fulani misrule and Jihadi inspired ethnic cleansing. Those seeking to implicate IPOB will end up implicating themselves.


1 comment

  1. IPOB remains peaceful and we don't intend to change that anytime soon. So whoever that is orchestrating any kind of violence in order to discredit IPOB must really be a lunatic.


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