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Sunday 22 April 2018

The Subjugated Ants And The Ferocious Elephants- An Untold Story Of The Fallen Empire

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

April 22, 2018

The "bulletproof" politicians whose properties and children are bulletproofed, and with additional retinues armed to the teeth to provide unprecedented security to them, are exerting their gigantic politically-derived prowess on the already disfranchised and beleaguered masses in Nigeria. When they sail briskly with their pricey bulletproof Hilux vans with blaring sirens, they lift and spray dust on the distressed, impoverished and suffering masses with their highly-coated tyres. The impoverished masses who moiled to fetch themselves with one or two frugal and inexpensive coat (Coat of many colors) are now being belittled and humiliated with impunity and no regard for their pitiable lives.

They discover themselves on cloud nine when they violate laws and unlawfully propel the masses into hardship just for their greedy interests in amassing wealth for themselves and their generations yet to be born. To them, they brag to be the elephants who own the land and view the poor masses who are toiling day and night, as ants. These elephantic politicians stay in a well-furnished cozy office, enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction of the world-class air conditioning machines on account of the poor masses' money.

The ants— the oppressed people in Nigeria, those who are subjugated, marginalised and whom the cold hands of the Nigerian government have snatched away their loved ones, their happiness and rendered them useless. These ants; the second class citizens and those perceived to be arrogantly regarded as the "born to rule" citizens by the elephantic politicians. These ants are littered everywhere among the three constituencies forcedly joined to form Nigeria. The name Nigeria as neologised by Flora Shaw, remains a common enemy to these ants, the oppressed people in Arewa, Oduduwa and in Biafra land.
These elephantic politicians have seen themselves as cats with nine lives. In Britain that inculcated in them the evils they orchestrate against the poor masses, they have built bulletproof houses and named it Abuja 1 and Abuja 2 just for their own safety. They, in a concealed place, assembled and crowned themselves overhead of the laws and rules governing the people in the country. They like ringing their names from the mountain tops just to freestyle, display and demonstrate their elephantic dominion over the ants in order to instill fear in them so that they may never rise up to question or challenge their wrongdoings. To these elephantic politicians, they are the superhumans while the ants are the nadirs.
The ants are shivering, they have gone undercover. Before, these ants do prostrate out to listen to the songs of the sirens and to take a glance at the soldiering vans of their elephantic political subjugators. But now, they have gone AWOL, hiding in their pitiful and wretched houses for safety as if that is a necessary security measure to take when dealing with the elephantic politicians. In their hearts are piled up with hatred for these elephantic politicians, in their eyes, l see unquenchable fire burning and ready to devour their subjugators before one can say, Jack Robinson.

But now is the genesis of the fall of these elephantic politicians because the ants have been pushed to the wall and further retreat is no longer obtainable. What is now left of the ants is to attack back with force against these elephantic politicians in Nigeria. They have come to the realisation of their common problem in life which is fear, that is holding them down for decades in defeating these elephantic politicians.

At last, there will be an influx of these ants from Arewa, Oduduwa, and Biafra to challenge these oppressors. By then, the holy voice and message of freedom must have touched every heart. Once again, these ants shall sing a new song to their Creator for giving them the moral to challenge their common enemy. Because when the ants unite, their power shall overshadow that of the elephants. They will thank their Gods for making them to understand that with them, these elephantic politicians are like empty drones that make the largest noise.

The Biafra Times 2018
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

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