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Friday 30 March 2018

The Fulani Game Of Conquests: A Fact Beyond The Comprehension Of Our Enslaved Eastern Leaders

The Biafra Times | March 31, 2018

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

Yes, it is only a foolish man that will claim a moribund situation to be a comfortable condition. The height of carnage and/or mayhem the Fulani ethnic group has meted on the old Eastern region, otherwise regarded as Biafra, is unprecedented in history. This, without doubt, has brought dysphoria to the land, where everyone now lays at wake in Biafra land, holding their horses for their next pitiful melancholic shortcomings.

The hurricane(Fulani herdsmen whom are the army of conquest) is here with its rain, lightning and thunder, and the so-called elders, elites and governors of the land are busy contending over political posts. It's now very clear to the people that politics is metaphorically a bone thrown out to their leaders by the people behind the hurricane, to confuse and trick them into not knowing their secret plan, so as to proffer a feathered bed for their hurricane. When an elder is engaged in the game of riding a tyre which is meant for children, then the kids will deny him the respect he deserves as an elderly person.

Over the years, those who have looked down upon history and its efficiency in life, have never ceased to pay the price of their ordeals. If people don't learn from history, I wonder what else they will learn from. It is mathematically and naturally admitted that if you keep on doing the same thing in the same way in life, you will end up getting the same result. So also it is when people replicate the mistake of others in history. This brings us to the simple fact that the Fulani society are not a people to be given free access to live in your land. If you do, you will still end up like those people that welcomed them in history. Reason being that the people that mistakenly accommodated the Fulani people in the past were overthrown by the Fulani people. History recorded that the Fulani folks took up arms and fought for a Fulani leader to overthrow the original people inhabiting the land.

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In the 1600s, the influx of Fulani pastoralists otherwise known as Fulani Herdsmen from Macina, Mali, who are nomadic in nature, changed the story and fabric of the Fouta society who are mainly the present day people of Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Today, the original owners of these lands are not seen because after conquering them, the Fulani people sold many of them to their Arab brothers as slaves while some remained under the oppressive feudal system of the Fulanis.

The first Fulani Jihad was in Fouta Jallon, a part of Futa society. The Fouta Jallon are the people of Guinea, Guinea Bissau. How they were conquered is a wise and necessary question that should be asked in this perilous time. First, their pastorals (Fulani Herdsmen) came in smaller numbers with their cattle and later in large numbers. They came in the guise of feeding their cattle. After Fulani herders, the Fulani clerics followed. They were referred to as the Ulamas. In 1726, they elected Ibrahim Musa as their leader in that part of the land they were occupying and gave him the title Al-Imam which means leader of the Muslim community. After his election as the Al-Imam, he proclaimed a "Jihad(war to conquer)" against the people of the land. At that time, he enlisted the Fulani herdsmen as his soldiers in the Jihad. After his death, the new Al-Imam called Ibrahim Sori completed the Jihad in 1776. After conquering the Fouta Jallon, they started selling the people as slaves. That was when the slave castle at Goree Island also known as the "Point of No Return'' was built.

Fouta Toro was the next people they conquered because it was closer to Fouta Jallon, all in the same Futa society. Fouta Toro is the present day Senegal. They went there as Fulani herdsmen (pastorals) feeding their cattle. After the herdsmen, their clerics migrated in earnest. When they settled, they elected Sulaiman Bal who was a Fulani herdsman as their Al-Imam. In 1776, Sulayman Bal launched a jihad (war to conquer) against the people of the land. Just like Ibrahim Musa, he also enlisted the Fulani herdsmen into his army. The people of Fouta Toro were overthrown and replaced with a new aristocracy of Fulani leaders.

Trarza was another land to be conquered by the Fulani invaders. Trarza is in the present day Mauritania in Africa. After Suleiman Bal completed its cruel conquest in Fouta Toro(Senegal), he died while trying to conquer Trarza. His successor as Al-Imam by name Al-Qadir, completed the conquest for their people with the epic aid of the same Fulani herdsmen.

Next on their list of conquest is the Hausa land in Nigeria. The same Fulani herdsmen came in the guise of rearing cattle. They made one of their kinsmen, Uthman Dan Fodio, their Al-Imam. Dan Fodio instituted Fulani leaders in all Hausa ancestral homeland after conquering them. Some of the leaders were Moyijo at Kebbi, Mohammadu Namoda at Zamfara, Salihu and Mohammadu Dabo at Kano, etc. With such great conquest, Dan Fodio was honoured with the title of "Sarkin Musulmi'' meaning leader of the faithfuls. Fulani herdsmen were his disguised foot soldiers as well.

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In Ilorin, Kwara State, the Yorubas, out of fear of Fulani herdsmen, brought about the unholy invasion of the Fulanis into Ilorin and appointed Alimi, who was referred to as a Fulani tenant in Ilorin, as the cleric of the province. Thereafter, the Fulani terrorists slaughtered the Yorubas and installed an Emir(Ruler) in Ilorin in the person of Abdulsalami who was Alimi's son in 1831. Afonja descendants who are the present day part of Yoruba land unceremoniously lost their land out of fear. That was Yoruba inherent cowardice in full display.

These conquered people were relegated to second-class citizens. The Fulanis were hostile to the people they conquered and their lands were taken away from them by compulsion. Many of these conquered people were sold as slaves to Arabic countries while many were maintained as slaves among the Fulanis. This was their way of life, in other words, it is traditional to them. This was evident when Prof. Umar Labdo Muhammad of the faculty of humanity, Northwest University, Kano claimed that Benue state belongs to the Fulani by right of conquest.

They tried to conquer the Eastern region in the past but could not succeed. Now, they have grown wings strong enough to achieve that. As it stands now, Britain is trying to recolonise Africa through the help of the Islamic countries in Africa. Many other world superpowers are also in the pipeline to recolonise Africa because of Africa's weakness. Nigeria is arguably the giant of Africa, and any world power that wins Nigeria has won Africa and may eventually overthrow America as the world power.

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Let America not fool themselves. Nigeria, as ruled by the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy, can never be a natural ally to America. When the time comes, they will abandon America to support their Muslim brothers. America should be wise to make timely but necessary moves to save themselves. The best thing is to divide Nigeria without further delays and align with Biafrans who are natural allies to America and Israel. Failure to heed to this unprecedented and unparalleled advice would be disastrous to them.

To the old Eastern region, if you keep on wallowing in this outcast and pariah names called South-south, Niger Delta, the hurricane will devour us all. We must acknowledge our ancestral name, Biafra, from the old Nri Kingdom known as the Eastern region of Nigeria by the colonialists. In unity, we shall overcome this evil once again.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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