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Sunday 31 December 2017

Biafra: The Chronicle Of Its Saboteurs And Their Fate— A Lesson For Nnia Nwodo

By Eluwa Chidiebere || For Biafra Writers

December 31 2017

The Eastern region of Nigeria, referred today as the South-South and Southeast of Nigeria, has a well-known ancient name called "Biafra" which they are collectively referred to. This can also be verified in the old world map. As seen in the treacherous divide and rule antics of the Nigerian government, it has never rested nor relapsed a bit in putting among the people of the old Eastern region, every element of division ever known to man in order to cause disunity among them. This as well serve the government's inordinate desire to keep availing a feathered-bed for marginalising and milking the resources inherent in the Eastern region.

The worst enemy of the Nigerian government is any person from the Eastern region who possesses the infallible boldness and temerity to confront or challenge their fraudulent partitioning and contrived balkanisation of the region through the creation of states and also the gross marginalisation meted on the people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been one of those whom the government have to contend with for simply questioning the status quo and structure of the fraudulent Nigerian State.

Today, the word “saboteur’’ has become very familiar among the people of the old Eastern region called Biafra. This same word is in these days, prominent on the lips of their adolescents and adults that even the deaf and dumb among them understand it without demonstration but by merely articulating the movement of the lips whenever the word “saboteur’’ is been mentioned. No wonder General Yakubu Gowon from the Arewa ethnic group openly stated that had it been he knew that money drives and controls the Biafrans this much, he wouldn’t have gone into war with Gen. Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, that he would have just given money to some of Gen. Ojukwu’s men to kill him.

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But I confidently believe that Gen. Gowon would have failed had it been he carried out that school of thought because the people of Biafra never practiced sabotage before the war and so saboteurs were not found in their midst. It was when the world conspired with Nigeria against the innocent people of Biafra to maintain an absolute air, land and sea blockade in other to ensure they do not get food and medicine. Also, after the war, their properties were taken away from them; they were given only twenty pounds to survive irrespective of the amount they had in Banks during their pre-war savings. All these gave birth to hunger and all kinds of diseases which forced them to steal, kill and even betray their own people. Today, John Nnia Nwodo, President of apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo has joined the league of saboteurs by openly declaring that he would sabotage Biafra restoration struggle. As drama is unfolding in this struggle, I find it very important to take a swift view and talk on the issue of sabotage especially now the journey is at its zenith. Below is the list of those who have sabotaged the Biafran nation and their fate thereafter.

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, from Anambra state in the present day Southeast of the old Eastern region, in all intents and purposes, believed in one Nigeria and so worked for her unity. His epic goal in working for Nigeria was for his self-acclaimed glory as the president of Nigeria and not for the betterment of his people. Fortunately for him as one with the blood of Biafra running in him, he succeeded in that monumental achievement of getting Nigeria freedom through the self-determination process. Dr. Azikiwe fondly referred to as the Zik of Africa, was a man of his own and not a man of his people. Today, the Nigerian government has paid a substantial huge amount of money to her media outlets to propagate lies that Nnamdi Azikiwe never supported Biafra all in a bid to torment the Biafra restoration process. Some of his family members, out of fear have also joined the wagon. But the infallible truth is that Nnamdi Azikiwe supported Biafra. The Biafran National Anthem we have today was composed by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. It was his loggerheads with Gen. Ojukwu over who will become the president of the Biafran nation after her restoration in 1967 that made him back down and work against her— that is the same personal glory that was controlling him. Today, the family of a renowned figure like Zik of Africa is scampering for survival and not found in any top seat in the country he got their independence.

“We either win this war to save our land, or we will be exterminated, because we have nowhere to run to’’. These were the words of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa. Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa whose name is shortly referred to as Ken Saro-Wiwa by the Biafrans, is a renowned man from Rivers state (Igweocha) in the coastal part of Biafra land. During his era, Biafrans from Rivers state, falsely and ignorantly feared that the Igbo-speaking Biafrans may dominate and control them if Biafra is restored and so they appointed Saro-Wiwa as their leader. But the gospel truth about the misconceived fear of Igbo domination was that the Biafrans in Rivers state wanted some political posts in Nigeria. This changed their cause and turned them against their people.


On May 30, 1967, the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) led by Dr. Alvan Ikoku of blessed memory, mandated Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu to declare the then Eastern region, a republic (the Republic of Biafra) as a start-up to her restoration. Saro-Wiwa who was a member of the Eastern Consultative Assembly, in his quest for political posts went and informed Gowon, Awolowo, Enahoro, etc of the ECA’s plan to declare Biafra. When his plans of getting some substantial political posts failed, he threatened to fight for Ogoni Kingdom and that was why Gen. Sani Abacha killed him. It is this same political post today that is driving Nnia Nwodo's desire to sabotage the Biafra struggle.

Apart from Hillary M. Njoku who took N34,000 to sabotage Biafra, Victor Banjo, Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Sam Agbam and Philip Alale were other known saboteurs. Victor Banjo is a man from West, known as Oduduwa land. He was involved in the 1966 coup infamously but wrongly referred to as the Igbo coup. He was imprisoned in Ikot Ekpene for that. When the Biafran war broke out, Ojukwu released Victor Banjo from prison and he joined the Biafran war campaign. Before the war kicked off, Banjo said to his people the Oduduwas, “let them understand in the West that I am not leading a Biafran army, but an army of liberation made not only of Biafrans but other ethnic groups. Let the governor of the West and other western leaders understand this. I urge them not to be taken in by any propaganda by the Federal government of Nigeria about a Biafran plan to subjugate the nation, especially the West’’.

In 1967, Ojukwu sent Victor Banjo to invade Nigeria and he was very successful in that assignment. He captured Benin City in less than a day and was able to get within 300km of the Nigerian capital Lagos which is his land. As he was taking the army to Oduduwa to enter Lagos, he was stopped by his brother Awolowo who warned him not to make the Oduduwa land, a battle field. Banjo was promised to be given some money. In Enugu where he stationed his soldiers instead of continuing, they were ambushed. After that, Banjo was executed for that and the Nigerian government couldn’t save him.


It is important to note that the call by Biafrans to restore Biafra is the finger of God and no man daring it can stand the anger of God. Those who tried it against the struggle are nowhere today: Kemi Omololu Olunloyo came subtly like a good sympathizer of the plight of the people of Biafra and later showed her chameleon colour by calling Biafra “Biafraud’’ and at same time launching a media war against Biafra’s restoration. At last, she ended up in Port Harcourt prison, regretting her costly mistakes.

The DSS Director Abdullahi Chiranchi who roughly pulled the sleeve of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, in anger, died shortly after the incident. Obama administration was against Biafra and the party miraculously crashed out at the dying minute of the American presidential election which came as a surprise to many. David Cameron, the former British Prime Minister failed in the Brexit vote. Buhari came and was gagging to stop IPOB, today he is nowhere to be found. If he Buhari is alive as the "idiotic black people" in Nigeria will continue to see Mr. Jubril the impostor from Sudan as their president, why hasn’t he gone for medical check-up since his return? There is no how someone as sick as Buhari if alive would not be going for a regular medical check-ups.

The renowned Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka tried and today, heaven knows his condition; he is now an obscure figure. The restoration of Biafra remains a déjà vu of the Israel and Egypt saga. I hope this piece of writing will serve as an absolute lesson (leh’ kakh) for those dreaming to sabotage the Biafra restoration process. My message to Nnia Nwodo is that “no one can be wiser than history and so, those who toe the footsteps of failed people in history, will also go down as failed people’’.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

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