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Thursday 2 November 2017


By Victoria. O. C. Agangan | For Biafra Writers
November 3, 2017

For decades, our land has been wailing from the rape she suffers from internal and external enemies, who for their lustful greed have stripped her to the bones of development, wealth, growth and attraction.

These wicked, callous, cunning gluttons, have daily, monthly, yearly without due consideration drove into her chambers of commerce, industry, resources, technology, etc crippling and disfiguring her to the extent that her offspring have deserted her. Her people have become nomadic, risking all odds, in other lands, plying all sorts of trades, the positive and the negative, just to eke a living.

These same conniving “polithiefians” who kill their own for position and money, often come to the less privileged with sugarcoated words, lying shamelessly through rotten teeth just to gain access to plunder our lands the more.

“Why will any Biafran want to vote for wolves who pretend to be sheep at the early stage only for them to shed their disguise at later stages to devour the souls of the trusting poor?
Are these political jobbers not the ones who for years have done nothing to alleviate poverty in the land?
Are they not the same, who go to pay homage in Abuja when the Fulani herdsmen terrorists strike and kill their kindred?

Are they not the ones who shield and protect their brothers’ killers while they neglect their kinsmen?”

They refuse to mention the mayhem meted on Biafrans but broadcast lies, painting their people evil as they rebuild and repaint mosques, pledge obeisance to their masters and stock away the meager allowance given the state into their already fat pockets?

They have never pushed the federal government for any developmental project in their various states!
They have never urged for any federal infrastructure to boost the economy of the state!
They have never helped any of the poor masses to prosper!

Self-centered Eastern governors and Ohaneze have woefully failed in all ramifications.
Why then will anyone go spread in the sun like washed clothes to vote in poison into their systems?

They collect money for their personal use and comfort and have quickly gathered to plot the death of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and a bona fide Biafran prince.

They rather he died, as long as their political posts were retained. Murderers of their own! Tell me, do you really want us to vote you in so you can continue killing us?

Why have you chosen to outcast your own when you know you need our votes?
How can you explain the numerous Biafran youths and men/women, you have secretly and publicly via indirect methods killed without a just cause?

How can you explain the solid support you have for one Nigeria which has not favored your people?
These same people go to other lands and settle because their leaders have betrayed the trust bestowed on them.

In the north, they become prey to fanatical Moslems as they slice them open as meat meant for pepper soup.

Others in the west are systematically deactivated and made to go to develop rural areas which are systematically reclaimed.
Words cannot completely describe the plight of Biafrans in this dilapidated Nigeria.

Giveaway servants! We will NEVER VOTE IN BIAFRA LAND until you desist from one Nigeria/ restructuring!

My people are no longer blinded by your trickery, they can see, they have been keenly following the events and you just have to cast aside any fake feelings.

My people, I can go on repeatedly but get this straight, it is either you key into the Biafra restoration and get us a REFERENDUM or Nothing else is acceptable!

You must stop wistful hopes of getting our votes and return our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hale to us.

Un-proscribe IPOB and tell your master to re-declare her a non-terrorist group, as well as lift up the ban you put on her.

If not, the die is cast, get ready to eat the food the Biafran masses will cook for you come November, 18th as we prepare our ofe Nsala.

No ELECTION will take place in Biafra land, be warned!

Edited by John Agbai
Contact us: [email protected]

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