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Tuesday 7 November 2017


Written By: Eluwa Chidiebere || Biafra Writers

November 7, 2017

It is said that when the evil plotter beats his drum for the downfall of the innocent, that Chukwu Okike Abiama (God) will never allow such a drum to sound; this has been materialized in the angelic revelation of the evil ulterior motive of the operation ‘‘Python Dance’’ of the Nigerian military against the innocent Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the already boycotted Enugu local government election in Biafra land.

On 4th of November, 2017, the Nigerian government conducted election in Enugu, a state in Biafra land. It was generally believed that this Enugu election to the Nigerian government was a yardstick to prove to the world in general, that Biafrans are comfortable, complacent and protected in Nigeria and above all, eager to maintain the mantra ‘‘One Nigeria’’. Surprisingly, people were left aghast when they realized that Nigeria and her forces were nursing evil in their minds with the election, all in a move to justify their childish proscription of the Biafra people as terrorist.

In Enugu which is referred to as Coal City in Biafra land; there was uproar in the city following a bomb blast that exploded in the morning hours of Saturday, 4th November 2017. The explosion blew a fuse in one of the polling units where the designated Enugu local government Chairmanship election was being carried out. Due to a low turned out in the election, few people were injured while the bomb blast damaged a lot of things in the area. According to the scanty electorates who narrowly escaped death, “the Nigerian police were there at the polling unit since morning, but not too long they left the polling booth, the bomb went off” Another eye witness said ‘‘it could be the police knew that a bomb was planted there but chose to not to alert the people around’’.

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It is good to learn that IPOB, on the move to restore the Biafran nation had in past through her intelligence, discovered and disclosed to the public many evil intents of Nigerian government more especially through her military to eliminate their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and to exterminate the good people of Biafra which were later proven to be correct, top of the pile is the recent invasion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s residence which lead to his disappearance till date and also, the forceful administration of poisonous vaccines in the guise of Monkey Pox vaccine to the Biafran children which left many children dead. IPOB had beforehand through her intelligence, envisaged this deliberate move by the Nigerian government to justify and make their erroneous proclamation of IPOB as a terrorist group have innocent look before the world.

Going by the outcome of the Enugu election, one can ascertain the reasons for this bomb blast. Apart from the firsthand reasons which are to exterminate the people of Biafra and to justify their terrorist tag on them, it’s very obvious that the total boycott of the election in Enugu, was a total disappointment to the FG which its negative effects it is going to exert on them in the world, infuriated them to create a hullaballoo as a cover up for the already successful boycotted election by the Indigenous People of Biafra. This has shown that the era of civil disobedience has commenced in Biafra land.

There is chaos in the corridors of power in Nigerian as a result of the boycott of the election. It has totally dawned on Nigerian government that more than ever before, Biafrans are set to leave Nigeria. To the people of Biafra, it is a victory once again.

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As a result of the boycott, a former governor of Enugu state, Sullivan Chime has called for the rescheduling of the boycotted election. He went forth to tell the Enugu State Independent Electoral Commission (ENSIEC) not to contemplate announcing results arising from the exercise so as to save ENSIEC from the ridicule that will ensue for announcing ‘fictitious results’. In his words while briefing the journalists on Saturday night in Enugu on the outcome of the exercise said, ‘‘it is obvious that the people were not prepared for the election. The electoral umpire was not prepared for the election. They should go back and do their homework. No election held today. They should reschedule the election and be more prepared for it’’.

It is now evidently clear that the fear of Biafra is the beginning of wisdom for the Nigerian government. This has proved Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra right. This has shown that he is truly the leader of the Biafran people and that not even the crowd of dignitaries can take away the truth.

Indeed, truth is like a smoke which nobody can lock the door against. The people of Biafra are only seeking for a referendum to be conducted for them to know their fate. They are not seeking for war as the Mohammad Buhari and his government is portraying Biafrans call for freedom in order to deceive her citizens and the world at large. Until then, Biafrans shall continue to apply all manner of civil disobedience to drive their message of self-determination to the world.

Edited and Published by Chijindu Benjamun Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

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