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Sunday 26 November 2017

Biafra: The 10 percent Governor Only Rules Himself And His Cronies, Not The People

By Eluwa Chidiebere || For Biafra Writers

November 26, 2017

It is comprehensibly identified that darkness (Willie Obiano) has erroneously and manipulatively ascended the throne with the help of gangs of blood-thirsty fanatics in the political sector manipulated and compromised by their leader the son of Uthman Dan Fodio (President Muhammadu Buhari) from the North. The son of Dan Fodio out of his desperate urge to keep bathing with the blood of Biafrans has single-handedly enthroned monstrosity and iniquity for the people in the person of Willie Obiano.

Let it be dawned on the people that these politicians are the progeny of the wizards and angels of mass destruction that are trained never to look back at their spoils. Indeed, ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing all in the same boat and mission of bringing pain to the people by trading the poor for a pair of sandals.

Obviously, this is the generation that will bring the era of these miscreants veiled as leaders to an abrupt end; the generation that will bring the era of 10% leaders to an end. Willie Obiano remains an ostracised leader because of not been elected by the people. He himself parades without the people's mandate. A leader that used his richness to lure the menial (10% voters) gullible ones to vote for him is a leader existing only on the pages of newspapers and in the minds of his few slothful and hopeless family members who depend solely on the pieces of food that fall from his table for survival.

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Obiano can never control the people or tell them what to do and they will obey him because he was not sent by the people. Willie will go down in history as a disgrace to leadership. That (obedience from the people) which makes a leader to be a leader will be denied to him for enthroning himself Nicodemusly (through the back door). He will eventually crave for obedience from his people but won’t get it. He might use military to acquire obedience but one thing is sure; obedience to a leader doesn’t result from military actions or through rigging and padding of election results as he did.

Just like Thaksin Shinanwatra of Thailand who used his wealth to remain in power, killed over 2,000 innocent Thais and betrayed his own people by persuading a set of people close-by to invade into their land just for his own petroleum investment business purpose, Obiano remains his carbon copy in this present generation. The ugly history of Shinanwatra has successfully found its way back to life through Obiano. The few that voted for him were massively paid and monetarily induced. In his regime, hundreds of his people have lost their lives through his commands in order to please the son of Uthman Dan Fodio (President Buhari) who is a foreigner to his people.

The end of your kinds has always been disastrous. Of course darkness can never defeat light. When the vengeful swords and axe go up, the evil men in the society will be terrified and seek for a place of safety. Your reign is as perennial as the grass. As for the people, their victory is assured because of the actions of you and your colleagues in the political sector. IPOB welcomes your evil deeds because evil and good works together to bring forth good things.

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This time, the foolishness of the people has hit rock bottom and further descend is not feasible. Just like a dog pushed to the wall which charges with anger, the people are ready for a faceoff with you and your military forces. This time, your words will fall like helpless flames before the people and your name will be deserted by the children unborn in the land. When game changes, you been cursed and doomed will be fulfilled and seen by all.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

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