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Thursday 20 July 2017


Chikwas Onu Ikpe|| Biafra Writers

Nigeria has the dubious honour of being the only "country" where the compass portrays "South-South" That's utterly ludicrous!

As a Geographer, having surf and  flipped through the pages of the curatorial Encyclopedia cum Atlas, I never found a cardinal point or any depiction that infers SOUTH-SOUTH on any geographical location, even in the Compass and in reality.

Then comes the question: How came about South-south in the Nigeria? How come there is no South-south in France or South-south in Japan or South-south in China(I'm going too far). Why is there no North-north in Nigeria or even North-Northern Nigeria?

I ask again; how came about the  commissioning of minority in Southern Nigeria but none in the North?

The answer(s) to these questions will go a long way to ejecting and unlocking the junky, dupery and mental enslavement which the British, in cahoots with the Hausa-Fulani have injected us.

Frederick Lugard, the god of Nigeria, detected oil in the Southern Nigeria(Biafraland); the only way he could freely have access to it was to tactically divide us amongst ourselves, beyond recognition, such that an Ijaw-speaking Biafran would regard an Igbo one as his first-degree foe, courtesy of the DIVIDE AND RULE TACTICS. And it simply worked for the Brit!
Just for instance, if I want to come to your family and take something from you, I'll get you fighting with your brother; as you are fighting I will get away with whatever I want,undisturbed!

So that way they "duperiously" set up minority commission — Bendel-Igbo, Delta-Igbo, order to confuse and to continue subjugating the Biafran people, while they keep ruling us.

The same slavish mentality the British handed over to the North while they were going, to continue even worst subjugation of the entire people. And in the same light the North(Hausa) fraudulently concocted South-south.

Do you know there are other tribes that make up the North as a republic(Arewa)? The Fulani, Tivi, Kanuri, Dupe, so and so. Why didn't they commission factions of minority in the North?

They divided us in order to enslave and rule us forever! I convey to you via archive, a declaration excerpted from a speech delivered by the Sarduana of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello. He said and I quote - “Here in the Northern Nigeria we have people of many different races, tribes and religions who are knit together to common history, common interest and common ideas; the things that unite us are stronger than the things that divide us. I always remind people of our firmly rooted policy of religious tolerance. We have no intention of favouring one religion at the expense of another. Subject to the overriding need to preserve law and order, it is our determination that everyone should have absolute liberty to practice his belief according to the dictates of his conscience…”

To that assertion I lend credence that, the slight variation in language does not mean you are a different people. It doesn't mean that at all! In Israel they speak Judish, Arabic and Hebrew. Does that make them different? Why is it when you speak Igbo, Ijaw or Efik, you are different people.

That reminds me to say, "The emergence of a Nation is an organic process; there is a coalition of one another for hundreds of years. What makes a Nation is having COMMON VALUE SYSTEM(which includes synonymity in languages, food, way of dressing, way of worship, so and so."

Our brothers from the coastal region(the so-called South-south), we are united. Not by Crude oil but by blood; by the same Value system and and through the same ancestral linkage.
Say NO to Niger-Delta!
Say NO to "South-south"!!


Published By Ejike Ofoegbu

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