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Saturday 15 July 2017


By Eluwa Chidiebere | Biafra Writers

In a way of solitary appeal, I wish to call upon world journalists to pick up their pens and papers and march towards Nigeria in order to embark upon a forensic research on this mantra “One Nigeria”.

This time, my special appeal goes to the mother-journalist (British journalists) of Nigerian journalists, for there are a lot of facts to be exhumed from this Lugard’s grave with the epitaph “Nigeria”.

Yes, irrespective of the “black lives don’t matter” ideology that has been internationalized by the Western world, I still want to suggest that it is quite profitable to keep records for the world’s archives.
Before going further, for clarity purposes, it is good to remind the world the creator of this Nigeria; that is Frederick Lugard. Lugard was the first British baron sent on a mission with an evil intention to merchandise the Southern protectorate’s economy. The nascent of this ulterior, nefarious motive of Britain was the spurious juxtaposition of three divergent territories (Biafra, Arewa and Oduduwa respectively) by Lugard as “One Nigeria” – a necessary evil to give British economy a human face.

To justify this, a brief and humorous analysis of some of the events unfolding in that Lugard’s business platform called Nigeria, there were opprobrious remarks and demonstrations coming from the northern part of that enclave over the manner at which the Vice President, Osibanjo is handling appointment issues in the absence of the president.

The northerners lambasted the Vice President for appointing mostly his church members and people from his land Oduduwa(Yoruba). Owing to those outrageous remarks flooding in from the north, it is alleged that the Vice President Osibanjo is disregarding federal character, while many from different parts of the country regard Osibanjo’s approach as a déjà vu of Buhari’s method of appointment.

Recall that ninety nine percent of Buhari’s appointment is from the north, his land. Now, Osibanjo has appointed Dr Okey Enelamah, his successor in the church as the Minister for Trade and Investment, Laolu Akande as the Media Adviser; Ambassador Dipeolu as the Chief Economic Adviser. Also, out of his ten principal officers, nine are his co-indigenes etc.
It should be noted that the issue of nepotism has thrived since the inception of this spurious juxtaposition called Nigeria. 

This has given birth to a popular saying “Share the National Moi Moi” and “Divide the National Cake” in Nigeria — meaning to unfairly share a supposed-to-be entitlement of every citizen of the said county by the political bigots in power.
Indeed, the unity and sense of belonging are at arm’s length in Nigeria and the three tribes joined by Lugard to make up Nigeria are really at different poles apart from each other. Even Lugard the creator unambiguously attributed to that datum by saying that, “The North and South are like oil and water which can never mix’’. The latest which has heated the 'polity' and has made everyone to be sleeping with one eye open is the press release by the Northern Youth Forum captioned “Kaduna Declaration”, ordering the Biafrans to vacate their land. The ultimatum given is from now to 1st October 2017.

On that account, it is necessary to take the world back, on a memory lane, to the 1966 massacre cum pogrom which saw thousands of Biafrans killed alongside pregnant women and to also let them know that the northern Nigeria is where the terrorists (Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen) emanate from.
In 1966, northern civilians were given guns to kill innocent Biafrans. The same blood sucking demons have come again, issuing warning to kill again if Biafrans don’t vacate their land. Where is the One Nigeria mantra? The indictments of this unholy marriage are there for all to see. The clergy (Lugard) that forcefully wedded this couple Nigeria is no more, doesn’t mean that the unholy marriage cannot be divorced.

Until the international bodies stop playing with black lives and do the needful, until AU rises up to action to fight against her inorganic countries to be organic, then Africa will never make any good headline in the world. Until then, the people of Biafra are ready to do anything breeze in order to emancipate themselves from this evil Nigeria. It is now, no news to say that the people of Biafra through IPOB whose leader is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has unequivocally disavowed this marriage entirely through the 30th May Sit-At-Home exercise which is now seen and taken as a mock referendum from Biafrans around the world.
The time is ripe, let the right thinking beings in the world divide this unholy marriage now so as to prevent another imminent blood feast in the name of Biafran War II. To the international bodies, let black lives matter this time around because, the world has worn a new face which is peace. But if the world doesn’t acknowledge that peace which it professes, then war will be our last resort.

Published By
Ejike Ofoegbu
For Biafra Writers

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