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Sunday 2 July 2017



Being on a camouflage shirt and trouser does not make one a qualified soldier. A soldier is one who stays at the border for foreign invaders; a soldier is one who works tirelessly to ensure peace and order in a country. He is rarely seen actively carrying out his duties inside a country center city, setting up countless road blocks, harassing citizens he was trained to protect or killing the tax payers he feeds from.

Gen. Buratai, the Nigerian Army Chief, should go back to military training and be well taught on the operational code of a decent military force. As it stands, Amnesty International has proved that the Nigerian military is a disguised group of terrorists who torture, incarcerate and kill her citizens at will. The Nigerian Army has never won a single war, both internal and external. From Boko Haram, to the Niger Delta Avengers, all they finally resort to is the killing of innocent citizens and IDP camp bombing. The Nigerian military trains her soldiers at Kano desert and sends them to swampy Ijaw to fight; her Navy school is located at Kano where no river flows. It kills her citizens and goes abroad to keep peace. The irony of the Nigerian Army.

The continuous and very loud cry from Amnesty International is one factor that has kept the Nigerian army to some sort of check and is a cry that has exposed her atrocious deeds. Though the Nigerian Army has continued to deny various detailed reports by Amnesty International, the evidence, and facts available with Amnesty International does not present an escape route for about nine (9) high ranked officials that have been listed for probe.

With the war crimes committed by this same Nigerian military during the Biafran civil war, the raped women, the land blockade, starvation and IDP camp bombings, this renewed crimes will no longer go unpunished; and the time is now. This terrorist group branded as Nigerian army must be brought to book to avert imminent unrest that is already breeding in West Africa.

Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu

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