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Thursday 22 June 2017


By Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yehuda 

22 JUNE 2017

No man anywhere should ever be fooled or deceived by the statement released by the 36 fools who serve as governors of the artificial states of the evil contraption. Forget the Nigerian State sponsored media hype and lies. Forget what they churn out to you via NTA, Channelstv, SaharaReporters, etc.

Nigeria has fallen and this media war shall consume their entire treasury and still leave them groping in the dark seeking a way out.
Those 36 governors are lily-livered men and under a threat to accept the things as they are or be removed! Don't be fooled by media statements of 36 lame ducks and stupid governors making a declaration for One Nigeria that holds no water.

Let them subject the matter to a referendum if they are confident of their selfish declarations! Nigeria is no country. It is a fiefdom of the most godless and corrupt cabal fighting tooth and nail to keep their empire from crumbling right under their noses! Imagine an "Oluwole law Professor" presiding over its affairs and showing the whole world that he was nothing but the product of a quota induced system!

These 36 state governors are the beneficiaries and trustees on a quarterly 4 year lease of a portion of the estate. These 36 state governors are sworn under evil oath to hold allegiance to the oligarchy and its estate.
Whoever dares to think that the 36 governors seeks the interest of the people above the interest of the oligarchy is the greatest fool that ever liveth.

These 36 fools share the commonwealth commandeered by the house of the feudal lords of the desert every month in various allocations, and they render no accounts to no one especially the gigantic security votes which disappears into foreign accounts as soon as they receive them. No tears for gullible One Nigerian political junkies who refused to reason or open their eyes!
The Jagaban owns the western political estate but yet subservient to the Oligarchy being in the same brotherhood of Islam. The Dangote man holds the industrial estate in trust for the Oligarchy as a member of the same brotherhood of Islam.

They floated a party and decided it was time to carry out the agenda with no apologies to any man. Why Islamic Religious Knowledge should be made compulsory to all students irrespective of whether you are a Christian or Moslem? What is the benefit or relevance of IRK to the growth of an economy or society? Wake up ye gullible, it is not about whether Christian Religious Knowledge was removed or not but face it, Islamic Religious Knowledge was made COMPULSORY whether you like it or not!!! It is the first step to Islamization and Arabization!

The 36 fools are removable by any means should they go off track by impeachments or otherwise as may be determined. They may be promoted or circulated in the political corridors of power as the case may be according to loyalty and faithfulness to the Oligarchy. How did Theodore Orji get to the Senate and what is he doing in the Senate? How did Fashola get to status of Super Minister? What qualifies a rotten Rotimi to talk tough with massive documentations of corruption and mismanagement of State funds hanging over his head, yet he is an unashamed minister of the republic?

Nigerians are so held under an evil spell. The pastors and prophets are hired and stirred at will to be nothing but the lying and deceiving mouthpiece of the Oligarchy with mouthwatering embellishments, endorsements and national gifts. Such is the present bondage of a people by the twin conspiracy of the Political and Spiritual band of the vain and profane!

There are no elected governors in Nigeria. They were only selected and appointed under the masquerading cover of elections. When there shall be no more elections in Biafraland then we shall see the underbelly of the Behomothian beast. Then the yoke of deception and slavery shall be broken forever.

The house of the feudal lords of the desert are in great trembling as we speak with sleepless nights strategizing on how to rescue the sinking boat of the estate that was not theirs by right or inheritance but conferred upon them by the evil and Antichrist Whorish British empire.

If the present generation of the gullible Nigerians fails to arise to radically challenge the things as they are they shall become nothing but eternal slaves and fools to a heartless, godless and selfish oligarchy and ruling Cabal daily increasing in rank and file with new initiates and conscripts.
The Biafran youths have risen and taken their own destiny into their own hands and there is no mortal power in all creation that can stop these generation of Biafrans from breaking the evil shackles of slavery and misery!

#Biafra is the nemesis of the empire of lies called Nigeria!
Biafra is the awakening of the eternal genius of an ancient and noble people long kept in captivity!

We are BIAFRA 2.0 generation and we are not ever going to accept the Nigerian dungeon ever again!
Yes we are here to restore the Sovereign State of Biafra even if these heavens has to fall!

Nigeria or anyone should never underestimate our resolve! Go ahead and empty your armory and treasury yet in the end when the dust settles- Biafra, the land of the rising sun shall be standing tall and shinning forever in a blaze of glory never before seen!

Let Biafra go in peace!
We seek peace not war but have a fundamental right to defend our lives and liberties from tyranny and annihilation!
May GOD bless Biafra and all those who love her forever!



  1. Absolutely true. For us all, acceptance of anything other than outright restoration of our nation Biafra, at this very time, will amount to eternal slavery. We cannot accept restructuring or anything that maintains this forest reserve called Nigeria. It is Biafra or nothing else.
    Let us note also that they have started bribing some stupid men who claim to be leading Igbos leaving in the North and forcing them to utter the manner of speech that would fulfill, for them, the discordant tunes the expected when they induced the so called Arewa Youths to make the declaration. I read about one fool in Kaduna who went to El-Rufai on behalf of his group. We need "anti-bribery" instruments at this time. Soon they find acknowledge that Igbos are not money mongers as believed by most Nigerians - when we show them that bribery will not work either.
    In this I also think we have something going for us. The government of this zoo has failed in all its bribery attempts; in fact every bribery attempt. They sponsored Clinton and failed, They sponsored insurrection in Turkey and failed, they bribed Boko Haram, but the guys are using their money to buy more arms. They have failed in all attempts to bribe Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, albeit woefully. So this will surely be another of their failed attempts - and am sure, their last.

  2. Emeka Anyalewechi
    Ete..Brute..Even Thy Brutus, IPOB is not in any way or form tradeoff beware the ideas of March.

  3. 36 fools indeed, mostly in oversized dresses


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