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Tuesday 20 June 2017


「kaduna declaration by arewa youth」的圖片搜尋結果

Ejike Ofoegbu | Biafra Writers

21 June, 2017.

The drums of war are beating, the sword is drawn and the axe is laid -the 30th May Sit-At-Home event continues to destabilize Nigeria. The battle has been narrowed: the Northern Youths and Elders have declared that Biafrans should leave their land before October 1, 2017 or face violent means of evacuation.

History is about to repeat itself, 1966 is here with us, the Fulani nomads are on the mission they are known for, the language they understand most -Violence! In this brouhaha, the foolishness and timidity of the Black man abounds -his failure to understand the right to self-determination and its application. In addition, the Nigeria media is trying hard to keep her gullible masses out of the reality by painting a different picture, tone and nature of this imminent October 1, 2017 massacre.

According to an Hausa man Facebook user who uploaded a short video clip and posted it on Facebook, he maintained their stand and greatly encouraged all other northerners to keep watch on the ultimatum given to Biafrans to leave the north. He said "when the time is exceeded, we shall start to kill because we told them on time to leave our land and relocate to Biafra since it is what they want. We are helping them to achieve Biafra on time without war, so they should start packing now. Let them not say we did not warn them." Just as it was stated in the ultimatum, he further urged northerners residing in Biafra to return home now, or never.

Contrary to the manner the Nigerian media reports this notice, "Many northern groups have backed the quit notice given to Biafrans, saying "Since Biafrans obey Nnamdi Kanu, we too are going to support our youths on any action they take henceforth."
Despite these utterances and impending massacre, some Biafrans wish to risk their lives at the mercy of the Fulani men discretion to either strike or not.

To this end, the Indigenous People Of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu still urges Biafrans residing in northern Nigeria to hastily leave the region before the doom falls; but if anyone, despite our warnings, prefers to remain in the northern region, such person should be ready to dance any rhythm of music the Fulanis are about to play.

Edited by Somuadila Ugwummadu | Biafra Times

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