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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Biafra: UNN Students Embraces Biafra Struggle, Vows To “Fish Out Lions And Lionesses” In The School

May 16, 2017

ENUGU— The gospel of the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra was during the weekend taken to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, as the IPOB Enugu state Coordinator, Mazi Ikechukwu Egbo Nwodo, led a delegation of some state functionaries to the school.

Students of UNN who were highly elated on the visit of the State executives, all wore Biafra T-shirts, welcoming them in their midst as they strongly vowed to propagate the gospel of Biafra to the nooks and crannies of the school.

The meeting which was well organized in a serene environment inside the school, witnessed more group of students trooping in to join IPOB.

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Apart from the State Executives and Senatorial District Mobilizers who witnessed the school visit, IPOB Coordinators of tertiary institutions of learning in the state such as the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, UNEC, and that of the Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, were also present at the meeting.

The State Coordinator during his address to the students, intimated them on the rules, principles and guidelines expected of them to abide with as they join in the propagation of the Biafra gospel, while tasking them to ensure that IPOB family zones are extended all around the campus.

Mazi Egbo Nwodo also told them that the task at hand is to ensure that all the corners of the state is completely shut down come 30th May Heroes Remembrance Day, even as he shared sensitization posters and letters to the students for fast and easy dissemination of the information to Sit-at-home on that day.

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On their part, the students who welcomed the admonition of the State Executives, all pleaded for channel by which they can receive radio Biafra signals in the school and Nsukka environs for prompt information. But the State Coordinator assured them that in the coming weeks, Radio Biafra will be planted in Nsukka and environs.

Speaking to BIAFRA WRITERS and others present on a very delighted mood, the UNN Student Mobilizer, Amadi Chikezie, flanked by his colleagues said; “We are strongly behind Nnamdi Kanu. I want you to take this message to him that he has awoken the Lions/Lioness especially here in Nsukka and he should be prepared to meet the jungle.

“We are solidly behind him and we will take this evangelism to every nooks and crannies of this institution to fish out the lions and strong men around this school. We will show him what we can do and how far we can go and at the end of this very process, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, will be completely transformed to University of Biafra, Nsukka.” This attracted a very huge sound of applause as the meeting culminated in a very exuberant mode.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

1 comment

  1. It's time university students in Biafra land embrace Biafra. Biafra is their freedom from the murderous state of Nigeria. It is their freedom to quality education, jobs and high paying jobs. Biafra is their freedom for innovation, creativity, ingenuity, and enterpreurial spirit. Biafra is their liberation to purse their God-given life of purpose, potential and destiny on this planet. Islamic sharia murderous state of Nigeria will never provide that for them.


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