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Thursday 13 April 2017

BIAFRA: Straight Talk With Mr. Paul Thomas Arkwright & The British Government On Self Determination

April 13, 2017

I consider it an error of colossal proportion for a learned diplomat of Paul T. Arkwright standard to travel all the way to Nigeria from UK and gather the effrontery to declare publicly the British support of the indivisibility of their business enterprise called 'Nigeria'.

We the Biafran people are not surprised to hear this from a representative of the world's most corrupt country on earth, Britain. In the same vain, we Biafrans want to put it straight to you that it is game over for you and the British empire. It is strongly advised that Mr. Arkwright give feedback to the British government that sent him to vomit the rubbish, that the dissolution of Nigeria which happens to be their business enterprise and the restoration of Biafra nation is a task that must be done by this present movement spearheaded by the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) just in a matter of time!

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Mr. Paul Thomas Arkwright, let me take your mind down the memory lane; there is a multilateral treaty called 'THE INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL and POLITICAL RIGHT (ICCPR)' which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 16, 1966.

Part one (Article 1) of that treaty recognizes the right of "all peoples to self-determination which also include such people's right to freely determine their political status, pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and as well manage and dispose of their own resources."

You made your public blunder of all times in a gathering in Kogi State of Nigeria in pretense that you are not aware of this international law which your country United kingdom and Nigeria are signatory to.


I hope you also remember one fateful Thursday June 23, 2016, a day that appears as if the whole world came crashing down on you, on David Cameron and on all the British council when the British people exercised their rights to self-determination  by voting in a referendum to leave the European Union.

The Scottish people also exercised such rights in the popular 'Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013' and many other countries around the world since the inception of that law including Southern Sudan here in Africa.

So far as that international law has not stated that the Indigenous people of Biafra has no place in it, we the Biafran people has every right to determine how we will rule ourselves and manage our resources no matter how hard you try to bribe the whole world not to sympathize with us and help us achieve freedom.

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You may have succeeded in deceiving some people and some countries just like you did in time past when you sponsored a genocide against our people between 1967 - 1970 which you covertly flipped it under the carpet just because you think Britain can influence the UN security council, but not anymore.

Having done all these, you have failed to understand how resolute we are in achieving our freedom this time; we have come a long way and there's no going back until total freedom is achieved!

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I want to also put it straight to Mr. Arkwright and the British government that we the indigenous people of Biafra has sworn to restore back our nation Biafra by either legal means or the Haitians means just a matter of time, but until then, we must demand for our pound of flesh from the British and her accomplices. I hope you (Mr. Arkwright) know exactly what I mean by "Haitian means"?

We are very much aware of the reasons behind your much interest in the unity of Nigeria after many years of colonialism and plundering. We are also aware of Gibraltar and Malta, the perceived routes for laundering of your stolen money from Africa especially in Biafra land and since you don't want to let go of the Biafran people from your evil contraption called Nigeria, we want to reiterate that we the Indigenous People of Biafra are also hellbent on sinking that evil empire of yours with the TRUTH and afterwards, Biafra must be restored.

By Akubumma Princewill 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers.

1 comment

  1. Good one!:
    If only Biafrans can work sincerely hard together shunning titles and recognitions but learn to work as a team with no one man as 'superior' or more important, then sinking the evil British empire with their own weapons will be as easy as abc...
    But God cannot help us if many Biafrans keep worshipping Nnamdi Kanu as 'messiah' when he is not and British know that, hence their boldness to throw it in our faces as unserious people.
    All hail Biafra including evil empire British must hail Biafra too!


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