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Friday 24 March 2017

Biafra: FG & DSS Disgraced Again As Court Frees Buhari's Most Wanted IPOB Artiste, Don Prince

March 24, 2017

What started with a direct order by Hitler Buhari to his Gestapo organization Department State Security, DSS  to ‘’waste’’ Biafran musical artiste, Prince William Chibuzo Mbah a.k.a Don Prince when and wherever seen has ended in disgrace and humiliation for tyrant Buhari and this gestapo organization (DSS).

The irony in this case, is that Buhari and the DSS were disgraced and humiliated by the ruling of their own Municipal Magistrate Court sitting in Abuja. The Court dismissed and threw out all the frivolous charges brought against the Biafran ariste Don Prince. The court did not only dismiss the charges but equally discharged and acquitted the accused as well as warned against bringing such ‘’meaningless charges’’ that only constitute a waste of the court's time in the future against the accused.

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The Chief Magistrate , Balami M, while delivering the ruling on the 21st of March, 2017 aligned with the previous Federal High Court, Abuja ruling delivered by Justice Binta Nyako which declared IPOB as not an ‘’Unlawful’’ organization.

‘’I have no other reason to continue to detain this Biafran freedom fighter musical artiste, Prince William Chibuzo Mbah a.k.a Don Prince and his daughter, Barrister Princess Jennifer Chinagorom Mbah nor her 2 foreign friends that came to the country on a working visit. I have come to the conclusion that they have committed no crime and are ‘’lawful’’ people. I hereby discharge and acquit all of them. The items seized from them by the DSS should be returned to them without further delay".......  the Magistrate stated in the epic ruling.

Following his display of disappointment towards DSS and the APC led Federal Government for bringing the case to court in the first place, the Magistrate made it known that section 53 of the Freedom of Information Act gave the accused the power ‘’to over ride the decision of the court without further recourse to the legislature"


 The Magistrate added: ‘’It is an understatement to describe the situation as unusual. Indeed the researches of counsel suggest that it is a unique situation and that similar statutory arrangements cannot be found elsewhere in this jurisdiction. In fact, this case is a setback for the DSS as it has exposed the outfit’s shenanigan"

Recall that we recently brought you the news of the illegal arrest and detention of Don Prince with his daughter and her 2 visiting foreign friends who goes by the name Abogado Alejandra F. Omen and Abogado Miranda I. Donald when they arrived Nigeria from Spain. They were arrested at the car park of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja enroute the artiste’s base in Enugu State, Biafra land on the Monday 30th of January, 2017.

The four of them were taken to the Gestapo outfit office at Ajangbadi, Lagos where they were detained for 3 days and kept incommunicado (from Monday January 30, 2017 till Wednesday February 1st, 2017). Don Prince was thrown into a cell with hardened criminals in spite of the DSS officials being aware that he has only recently undergone a second Kidney transplant while the ladies were locked up in a dusty office.

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The where about of Don Prince and others were unknown until Wednesday 1st February when one of his tormentors secretly assisted him to contact his lawyer but not before saying this to him:

"'Thank your stars that you arrived this country with these foreigners if not for their presence, you would have been a dead man by now. We had a direct order from the above to ‘waste you’ when and wherever sighted. If not for the likely consequences of killing his foreign girls from their country's government and the fact their embassy is aware they are in the country, we would have 'wasted' all of you"'

On the arrival of his lawyer, Barrister Ngozika Onovo on the Thursday 2nd February, 2017 and upon her insistence that his client has a serious health challenge and shouldnt be allowed to remain in the DSS detention facility, he was then moved to Abuja with the 3 ladies where they were arraigned on 3 charges bothering on treasonable felony, singing ‘violation song’ against Buhari and belonging to an unlawful organization.

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It should be noted that after the ruling the DSS out of shame and disgrace still refused to hand over the under listed items it seized from the accused to them as ordered by the Magistrate:

(1) One no of Mac 3 Camera.
(2) 3 nos of Sony Laptops.
(3) The total sum of 450,000 Euro (250,000 Euro for him and the remaining for the daughter).

The excuse the Shameless Gestapo organization, DSS gave is that Don Prince (Who is currently receiving medical treatment in India after a kidney operation that was as a result of the infection he contacted while been locked up in the DSS detention facility in Lagos) should personally come to sign for the items.

However, the very brave Magistrate that needs all commendation rejected that position when the attention was drawn to the flouting of his order by the Buhari's Gestapo outfit. He commanded that all the items should be released to Don Prince’s lawyer, Barrister Ngozika Onovo without further delay.

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The visiting foreign friends of the artiste's daughter has since left the country after the case but with a promise to tell their home country that the contraption called Nigeria and ruled by African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB) is truly a Zoo.

After the case the Biafrans that witnessed the charade that took place in the court were so happy and were seen appreciating and thanking the great Biafran lawyers that handled this case that disgraced and humiliated the DSS and Buhari in their own court namely, Barrister Ngozika Onovo for Don Prince and Barrister Hon. Wisdom for the daughter for showing great understanding of the Nigerian Law and using it exceptionally advantageously (sic).

When these writers contacted Don Prince on phone to share the good news with him and for his comments, he thanked all Biafrans for their support urging them to remain faithful to the struggle and equally urged Biafran Musical Artistes worldwide to prepare for a musical collaboration for Biafran freedom that will shock the world and further rubbish Hitler Buhari and his DSS Gestapo outfit.

By Chuks Ikedigwe 
And Nze Dike
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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