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Saturday 18 March 2017


March 18, 2017

If there is anything that has eluded Nigeria for so long, it is the inability to run her own internal affairs without dancing to the tune of No.10 downing street in London. While other States of Africa hitherto colonised by Britain have taken off by deciding their fate, Nigeria is still under the heavy spell of Britain. Their so-called leaders are merely occupying the corridors of power while acting the scripts written and given to them by Britain their colonialist. The British empire tells them who to kill, how to loot national treasury and stash them in their banks, aid and abet them in committing other heinous crimes and then assure them of their protection from prosecution.

While the likes of Ghana and other Anglophobian former colonies of Britain have taken disengagement steps from Britain, in which they are point of reference today as jewels of Africa, the case of Nigeria is obviously different as she is just a sinking ship with no direction. This is mainly due to her inability to organically evolve her socio-political philosophy without the British overshadowing the whole process. While Britain is involve, she sings the old Anglo hymn of “kill Biafrans and never allow them to near the presidency”, on the other hand the Hausa/Fulanis are well tutored on how to maintain the tempo and act it perfectly to the peril of the contraption.


Today, events are unfolding as various entities that were forced into Nigeria are dying and seeking the exit route. While the same episode is unfolding in Britain with Scotland and Northern Ireland seeking to opt out of Britain without being invaded or killed by the military, Biafrans are being killed by Nigeria under the supervision of Britain. The use of excessive force as an acceptable method here in quelling the Biafra question is good for the black man, while referendum is suitable for only the white man.

To say that cohabitating with Hausa/Fulanis is a very big risk is an understatement. If there is any threat to African peace, it is the Hausa/Fulani clan as they are used as British mercenaries and commissioned for carnage against the black race. Britain understands the usefulness of Hausa/Fulani barbarism and has strategically positioned them in governance having known how mentally demented they are. Today, they are on rampage with impunity as mandated by the British.

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Britain, poised with the knowledge of the impediment in having different military bases in Africa, cunningly chose to have irregular combatants in the person of the Hausa/Fulani people. While the royal armies in white skin are nowhere to be found stationed in Africa, the royal armies in black skin (Fulani mercenaries) are flooded all over the place with the traditional aim of suppressing the indigenous peoples and taking over their lands.

We all know how cunning and evil the British empire is, we also know they still have a strong grip on Nigeria. They are not only culpable in the creation of the world most deadliest terrorist sect called Boko Haram, but adequately funded them to help unseat the former Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The episodes was well scripted and played with the help of who-is-who in Nigeria, including the incumbent president. Having wrestled power from Jonathan, Britain has re-christened Boko Haram to herdsmen to continue their second mission of “crushing” the Biafran people.

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The enlisting of Boko Haram as a terrorist group by the US despite British opposition led to the paradigm shift and re-baptizing them to herdsmen. Today, the same Boko Haram who disguises as herdsmen are ravaging the entire Biafraland with the help of Nigerian security outfits. When killed or repelled, their brothers in military uniforms will officially terrorise the villagers as they are presently doing in Ile Ife, Umuobasiukwu community in Bende local government of Abia state and other regions in the country.

What Britain fails to understand is that Biafrans are set of peculiar people who perfects anything they lay hands on. That we are on pacifism does not in any way connote cowardice as those who fought from 1967-1970 are still our progenitors. The day Biafrans will choose to pick up arms will be the day humanity is destroyed as it will also have ripple effect in not only Aftica, but the entire world. The earlier Britain realises that Biafra's fate is worth deciding via referendum like Scotland and Northern Ireland, the better for humanity.

By Chika Austine 
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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