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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Biafra: Anti-Biafra Stance Shows France's Fight Against Terrorism Is Just a Charade

March 15, 2017

He that feeds on human flesh should, first of all, pinch him/herself and see how painful it is. Those who abhors cohabitation with Muslims should not ever think of colonizing or amalgamating them with others. If you cannot help people out of evil manipulation don't ever contribute to their pains. Whatever it is that you want for yourself also wish to others.

When France was attacked by Muslims terrorists (ISIS), the whole world joined hands together and fought for them. How woeful and hypocritical of France who vowed to end Muslims attack on Christians is now aiding them against Christian Biafrans in Nigeria. France that detests seeing their people being killed by Muslim fundamentalists is now seeing to it that Christians of Biafran extraction are wiped out of extinction- why?


We have not sought for your help, and we never anticipated it either, but at least, if you can't help, do not add to the pain we are going through already. You enjoy a freedom of worship in your land, but Biafrans are presently being systematically eliminated and earmarked for extermination in the Nigerian Islamic state just because we are Biafrans and Christians.

France has never condemned the Nigerian government in their campaign of calumny and killing of innocent Biafran people, neither did they condemn the illegal incarceration of the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, rather they went ahead to display great height of hypocrisy by aiding the Buhari-led murderous regime to continue with his islamization agenda against Biafrans.


Why support a penchant core Muslim country against the peaceful Biafrans who are just seeking to take their country back. By supporting Nigeria's terrorist government against Biafran Christians, France is only fueling the fire that will consume them in few years to come.

France should thread with caution, and must never think of supplying arms to the government of Nigeria because they are determined to annihilate the entire Christians in Biafra with those weapons. All we want is our freedom from this terrorist government headed by Muhammadu Buhari.

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We have the inallienable right to restore our father land that was forcefully taken away from us by the British and married with people of diverse culture, religion and value system. We want to restore our land, and France should not be an impediment to this effort.

We  have vowed to get Biafra or die trying to get Biafra because life without Biafra means absolute nothing to us. We are not begging anyone to help us in building our Nation, Biafra. It is our God given Nation to our ancestors and we have vowed to restore it and not even the whole force on earth can stop it.

By Ejike Ofoegbu
Edited By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers


  1. This is really shame on the France government. Any nation in this present modern generation that is working with Muslim to kill Biafrans for the selfish purpose of keeping the African continent as a dark continent shall watch to see Biafra restored!!!

  2. Ambassador Denys Gauer is not speaking for French government but for his Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba buddies. What a shame; a top diplomat who does not know history including the history of his own country France which was once an empire but disintegrated into many nations including today’s Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. He's also afraid of the rich oil English speaking Southern Cameroun agitating for independence from the French Cameroon. We should ignore him even though his ignorance of international law needed repudiation.

  3. Man must remain man while GOD remains GOD. when men fail, the indisputable, insurmountable, all Almighty GOD Will always intervene in any course for HIS people.


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