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Thursday 16 February 2017

Biafra: Revoke Land Allocation To Herdsmen And Save Bayelsans From Impending Mayhem — Biafra Writers Urges Governor Dickson

February 16, 2017

Just when the country is trying to see if they can recover from the invaluable and irredeemable losses after the carnage, disaster, misery and anguish unleashed on Southern Kaduna Christians by rampaging Fulani herdsmen, one myopic slave Governor somewhere in Bayelsa state is thanking, welcoming and inviting them to unleash more terror and mayhem against his subjects by granting them piece of land to graze on.

It is said that when talking to the deaf, you have to use a trumpet especially for one who is hellbent on mortgaging and destroying the future, heritage, and survival of his people after so many calls has been made for him to retrace his action. Governor Seriake Dickson has from the day he allocated 1,200 hectares of land for cattle grazing to Fulani herdsmen, set the stage for the enslavement and decimation of his people.

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It will not be surprising if tomorrow we begin to witness the slaughtering of the people and pollution of their lands by a group of notorious, callous, violent and vicious strangers with a track record of 4th most deadliest terrorist group in the world. The mindless and insensitive governor should be held responsible if this ever happens.

Shocked with this irrational decision, we ask, of what drug or alcohol has Mr. Dickson been under its influence to accent to such evil at a time when others around him are living up to good courage? Donald Trump has in the shortest of time in human history brought courage to the world stage. Fayose has ever so eloquently brought immense courage to Nigeria’s political stage, especially on tackling the Herdsmen issue. Are these examples not sufficient for Dickson and his advisers to emulate?

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The creation of a grazing reserve of 1,200 hectares of land for Fulani herdsmen in Bayelsa State by the governor has generated a heated debate among indigenous people. This idea may have risen out of the desire to seek a solution to the increasing spate of Fulani herdsmen insurgency that has devastated many farming communities in Nigeria.

The fear and contention over this idea by the government of Bayelsa state is ominous given the devastation and violent attack which host communities have gravely suffered from Fulani herdsmen leading to displacement from their ancestral lands.

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The Bayelsa State Government has resorted to the powers vested on Governors under Section 2 of the Land Use Act embedded in Section 315(5, d) of the 1999 Constitution(as amended) to allocate land within their states for the implementation of the grazing reserve policy; but its apparent that this idea is not supported by the people of Bayelsa State which he governs and so he should defend his people’s rights not animal rights.

It is our view that the creation of grazing reserve in Bayelsa is a ploy to legitimize the displacement of Ijaws and forceful encroachment and occupation of Ijaw ancestral land and heritage by Fulani herdsmen, and for the imminent conquer of Biafraland as a whole. To insist on creating any grazing reserve in Biafra’s riverine region or anywhere near the region will rather than solving the problem, create new ones and further exacerbate the situation it is intended to remedy. It is therefore not welcome.

It is a shame and unfortunate that Dickson will rather sacrifice his people who voted him into office on the alter of his selfish and personal pursuit for Northern political alignment and more political power at the national level come 2019 and has become blind and deaf to the activities of the marauding herdsmen, which poses grave danger to peaceful association of our people.

This evil act of the Bayelsa State Government is not only treacherous but a clear betrayal of Bayelsans who voted him to power worse still when he has not put measures in place to ensure that our women are not been raped and killed, or our children defiled or kidnapped by these AK-47 wielding herdsmen within Bayelsa State.

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By inviting terrorists to Bayelsa State through the allocation of grazing fields to these killer-squads under the guise of herdsmen, Dickson is directly or indirectly exposing the people of Bayelsa State to unnecessary danger as they now live in fear. The people therefore should wage war against him within the confines of the law on his genocidal mission against their future should he refuse to reverse this unpleasant decision.

It is shameful that our governors instead of promoting policies that best serve the interest of their people, states and region will be so occupied in romancing the interest of those that promote a threat to the fragile peace of our people.

We therefore condemn in its entirety, the very thought that seeks to endanger the existence of our people. We expect that the Bayelsa governor would listen to voice of reasoning and immediately reverse his decision and avoid any action capable of causing disaffection, and disharmony amongst the people.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 


  1. I cannot believe Gov. Dickson of Bayelsa gave land to Fulani herdsmen in his State. Does he not know about the Fulani herdsmen, who are now the 4th terrorist organization in the world? Does he not know their history of killings, massacre and conquest? What has gotten into this governor’s head? How can he do this to the citizens of his State? Does he want to give-up the land to the murderous Fulani herdsmen? Most of our politicians are simply selfish and stupid. Tufiakwa!

  2. We're all in this together,Biafrans(SESS.) In fact, Yenegoa is a just "a stone throw" from Owerri, for instance, but a lot of people don't even know that!

    But another huge problem is this: the poop from Cows is quite a pollution, a health hazard --and given that it rains a lot in Southern Nigeria, you can imagine how fast these mounds of Cow poop can run into Rivers, estuaries, etc and decimate the fish population that managed to survive from oil spill! That's another pollution of the Delta --this time by one of Delta's own sons!!

    Just talk to an Environmentalist about uncontrollable mounds of Cow poop and listen to horrendous accounts of health problems therein. That's not to add Flies hovering miles around, becoming vectors for all manner of diseases all over an already polluted Delta and for endless decades. 1,200 Hecters of Grazing land is going to amount to a lot of Cow pollution, tons of poop and more deaths from disease.

    Dickson MUST be forced to stop this blunder and let Fulani terrorists keep their Nama out North.

    --Collins Ezebuihe

  3. Governor Dickson has sold his state to the Jihadists. The good people of Delta should rise up now; otherwise, it will be too late for them. Remember the Maiduguri experience. This junkie is a sellout!!

  4. How can a governor invite Boko Haram to come and leave with his own people? IS GOVERNOR DICKSON MAD? What i cant understand is Why the Eastern Leaders think. Some times i wonder If they are normal at all. How can somebody that call him self people governor do this to his own people? Is the governor doing this out of fear or out of love? How can Dickson endenger the life of his own people like this? THE PEOPLE OF BAYESA STATE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THIS EVIL TO BE. How can a governor invite Boko Haram to come and leave with his people? This is too wrong please.


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