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Sunday 25 December 2016

Biafra: Igbo Elders' Shameful Romance With Buhari Is A Spit On The Graves Of Our Fallen Heroes

25 December, 2016

When Nnamdi Kanu asserted that the name "Igbo" is cursed, some people raised their eyebrows. But now we ask, Igbo elders where is your pride? Where is your dignity and prestige that you were once known for? Igbos were killed in their millions by President Muhammadu Buhari-led Nigerian army, the Sultan of Sokoto and Northerners, mathematically engineered the killing of Igbos in their millions, the most popular genocide ever committed in African history up till date; but instead of lambasting the killer of your people, you are shamelessly frolicking with him without considering how the entire populace in Biafraland feels.

Buhari and his fellow Northerners are still on their dreadful mission of annihilating Igbos with the help of these so-called Igbo elders who have sold their birth-right and conscience to Hausa-Fulani hegemony, in exchange for the bright future of the youths. Nothing can quantify the level of stupidity embedded in these political jobbers.

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During the Biafra genocidal war, our forefathers were killed in their thousands by the Nigerian Military Government under the control of Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Buhari and other northerners whom the Igbo elders are trying to host in our Holy land. The main objective reason our fathers sacrificed their lives, is to prevent these evil invaders from stepping their foot into Biafra- land and we must vehemently stop them not minding the so-called elders who are now known for their in depth love for money over life. Someone who came to our homes, raped my mother, forcefully took our sisters and killed our fathers will never be welcomed in our land again, and the youth have to stand up to do the needful should these old oafs insist on going astray.

It is very clear that Buhari and crew planned to make mockery of us, and to see how ravaged and desolated they have left our land since his onslaught against Biafrans started, and also to continue his gospel of "One Nigeria" to Biafrans who have vowed never to look back as their eyes are about to behold the holy nation, Biafra.

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Buhari's intended visit to Igbo land which eventually was cancelled out of fear of IPOB is not only a slap in our face but an insult to the blessed memory of our fallen heroes massacred during the war, and those massacred since Buhari declared war upon her descendants with the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, which led to the gruesome killing of thousands by Buhari's blood letting animals, the Nigerian army.

A rapist cannot dent the holiness of our land, and the so-called elders cannot defend it. But for the sake of our generation, the youth have to stand strong to defend their land where these elders have failed. They never came when Ojukwu was alive, they never came when those that fought them gallantly were still breathing but only now that we have cowards as elders who cannot stand up to oppose evil invasion of their lands that Buhari and his entourage wants to come.

The world must understand that Buhari's coming both now and in March 2017 like he speculated would be catastrophically destructive, heaven will fall, the water will turn bloody, the sun will be apparently unbearable for human to stand under it when it begins to shine, the air will be filled with hazardous oxygen, Somalia will be considered a paradise; let those advisers that warned him to obey IPOB on the 22nd of December, also advise him to erase the thought of stepping foot in Biafraland ever.

By Ejike Ofoegbu 
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

1 comment

  1. I am a non-Igbo speaking Biafran but I must say that something must be very wrong upstairs with these shameless Igbo elders who have sold their birth rights and their souls to Buhari. Evidently, these shameless worthless cowardice Igbo elders are enemy of Biafra who have lost their total sense of pride and dignity! And since they have chosen to walk in the path of the cursed British (Slavery)above (Freedom), so shall it be for them and their future generations to come! They shall forever remain permanent slaves of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba that the British set for them! Long after Biafra is restored!!!


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