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Saturday 24 December 2016

Biafra: "I Did Not Run Away From The Summit In Enugu Because Of IPOB, I Only Followed Advise Of APC Igbo Leaders"--Buhari Mumbles

24 December, 2016

The sponsor of Boko Haram terrorists, ex coup plotter, Muhammadu Buhari who forcefully overthrew a democratically elected government of Shagari in year 1983, and also a pedophile who raped his wife Aisha Buhari at the age of 9, have been consistent with maintaining his title as a pathological liar.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who ought to be present at the South-East Economic And Security Summit which took place on December 22nd 2016 in Enugu Biafraland, but cowardly avoided the event out of fear of being mobbed by irate Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), lied that he did not avoid it intentionally.

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Buhari who shamelessly dodged the summit as best as he could, now knows that IPOB are fanatical followers of Nnamdi Kanu, a man whom he unlawfully detained, whose people he teargassed and brutalized to death on countless occasions during their peaceful protests.

African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari yesterday incoherently broke silence on his intended absence from the occasion in Enugu. According to sources, it was asserted that the reason why Buhari was absence at the scheduled Summit was not because of the threats made and carried out IPOB, but rather due to advice of some APC Igbo leaders.


According to the source, it was alleged that Igbo leaders in the All Progressives Congress (APC), advised Muhammadu Buhari to rather schedule a visit to South-East when the rehabilitation of federal roads in the zone is at its peak, and also when he would flag off the continuation of the work at the second Niger Bridge. The source added, "in this regard, Buhari would visit the South-East on the invitation of the APC leaders from the zone in April or March 2017."
In other words, Buhari is indirectly telling the public that in case he does not make it to the eastern region that period, it would be due to non-invitation from APC Igbo convincing!

IPOB tag this gibberish of an excuse made by Mr President Buhari a hogwash, it doesn't hold water, because as a president, you reserve the right to visit any location of your choice within the country without any express approval or invitation from anybody. Buhari has traveled to the U.K, U.S and a host of other countries several times since his assumption into office, what stopped him from coming to Biafraland on the 22nd of Dec 2016, eventhough he plans to come in March 2017?

Recall that Buhari was supposed to flag off the Ogoniland clean-up project in Rivers State earlier this year, but in same cowardly manner, bowed out after the dreaded Niger Delta Avengers warned him on Radio Biafra never to step his foot on her soil; Buhari who would rather have his deputy killed in his stead, promptly delegated his civic duty to Yemi Osibanjo. What reason did Buhari give for not showing up after the threat?...None!


It was deduced and categorically confirmed from a source within his government that Buhari sheepishly withdrew his visit to Rivers State after being told to sign his death warrant before stepping feet into Rivers state.

This cowardly act was again replicated when marginalized Biafrans whose parents were slaughtered in 1967-1970 during the civil war, and continuing till date under Buhari's regime, warned him never to step foot in Enugu or risk being lynched. These great Biafrans showed their seriousness when they damned all consequences by storming the streets of Enugu capital in the midst of operation python dance. It was observed that even the pythons were too afraid to dance on seeing how fiery the mammoth crowd of Biafrans were.

For Buhari to lie that he was not disturbed by IPOB's threat and that he would only visit the South-East on the invitation of Igbo leaders is an act of cowardice. He preached one Nigeria, he said Nigeria is indivisible, he said he will kill more Biafrans to keep Nigeria as one, why then is he waiting for an invitation before coming to Southeast since Nigeria is indivisible and under his authority? Why is he afraid of visiting those Biafrans he bragged to kill even when he knows that their threat was opposed to the unity of Nigeria?

It is now certified that Buhari is not only a "mad man" as proclaimed by Kanu, but also a "pathological liar". Pathologically lying president Buhari who lied that Kanu possesses dual passport but entered Nigeria without any passport lacks integrity. We will be waiting to see what other lies would be told in event of his absence again in March 2017.

By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia 
Edited And Published by Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 


  1. Just hear this brainless clueless Hausa-Fulani child rapist terrorist breeder genocidal mass murder talking. There comes a time in a person's life when they reflect and feel remorseful for the wrong doings atrocities committed against other people for no reason at all but to please and satisfy those with whom they are all partner in crime and puppet game playing. His excuse is baseless and beside the point. He does not need to be told not to step his foot or show his face anywhere near Biafra land not to talk of venture inside Biafra land. This ruthless corruptible man call Mohammadu Buhari who have carried out genocidal killings of Biafrans? A brainless man who have committed and is still committing grievous atrocities against Biafrans? Where in Biafra land does Buhari think he would be walking on? So does Buhari think that he really would come to Biafra land and walk on the blood of innocent Biafrans that he has murdered from ages past to present, and to slap the face of Nnamdi Kanu parents and laugh, spit, and make mockery of the family of the Biafran brothers that he is currently illegally holding at the Kuje prison in Abuja, and to tell all Biafrans across the entire Biafra land that they are stupid fools? That Ape call Mohammadu Buhari should know better to stay away from Biafra land without the excuse of been told by any Biafran whom he used corrupt money to bribe and bought their birth rights. All those cowardice Biafrans who have sold their birth rights to Buhari better be ready to go and live with Buhari in his Arewa-Oduduwa one fake fraudulent British created one Nigeria period.

    There are Biafrans who take great pride being the Indigenous People of Biafra! And those Biafrans Buhari should dare not venture to play with! Or take for granted!!!

  2. We will repeat our action whenever he dares try to step his feet in our land...let me stay in his northern desert or be ready to die with us. ....Let him know many Nnamdi KANUs having being born and taking the struggle to the next level


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