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Saturday 17 December 2016

Biafra: Britain Handed Over Biafra To Hausa-Fulani, But IPOB Is Here To Take It Back!

18 December, 2016

Biafrans have since ages past till date, suffered from British conspiracy against her and this can be attributed to their media (BBC) mispresentation and misinformation. The British thrive on resources siphoned from Biafra land, while portraying and presenting Biafrans to the world as species that must be carefully watched like a hawk; whereas the earthquaking lootings and crudities of unimaginable proportion are all perpetrated by the Hausa/Fulanis with the support of Britain.

For instance, the high profile records of looting and criminalities against the Nigerian state treasury are all carried out by either the Hausa-Fulanis or their Yoruba co-conspirators; and worst still, these monies are always laundered into Britain ( the case of Umar Dikko), But Britain will choose to falsely accuse Biafrans as the guilty party simply because Biafrans refused to be conquered and be made slaves and subservient to them like the Hausa/Fulanis.


They make the world believe that their slaves, the Hausa-Fulanis are the saints while Biafrans are the sinners within their estate (Nigeria). But today, that demonic narration is meeting its dead end as Biafrans has decided to take back their destiny, by telling their stories unadulterated in their unique manner, while dismantling the mainstream media with their lies.

The British hatred towards Biafrans which runs in her DNA is traceable to history. The inability of Britain to let historical events go by and flow with the livestyles of Biafran people has sunk her into "Biafra-phobia" thereby staining her hands with the blood of millions of innocent Biafrans.


Historically, the British contact with the riverine Biafrans led to a glossy and rosy relationship that the parties were “trading” and contacting until the Anglo nation decided to abuse the kind gesture and goodwill of the precolonial indigenous Biafrans.

For instance, in Akassa, in the 19th century, the British aim to monopolize the trade was rebuffed by the Akassa people which led to the Akassa War. The historical defeat Britain recorded in that war is still indelible in the heart of Britain and it is an history that the British government is not proud of.

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Subsequently, the cowardly Britain decided to try the Igbo Biafrans in 1929 through taxation and was repelled by the women of Biafra, which led to the famous Aba Women's war. The coming of the independence saw Britain's evil imposition of illiterate and backward Hausa/Fulanis on Biafrans just for the continuation of their neocolonialistic agenda.

The resources of Biafrans were shared by these British proxies and protégés. The demand by Biafrans for equal right via self determination was replied with excessive use of force as was seen in the various air raid of Biafraland during the civil war. Like our fore fathers, the raids and oppressions have made us more united and committed to the challenges ahead.

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Biafrans are peace loving people that value human lives, but do not accept subjugation and servitude of any kind. Though we have noticed the infiltration of illegitimate people with mixed blood in our land due to the high level of rapes our women recorded during the genocidal war, but nevertheless, the likes of Nnamdi Kanu has proven to Biafrans and the world that the undiluted blood of our ancestors still flows deeply in the veins of many alive today.

The worst decision the Nigerian government will make is to draw another battle line with Biafrans. She must understand that Biafrans are ready to drop their last blood in defence of our holy nation, Biafra. We say enough of is enough, Biafra is our heritage and IPOB is here to take it back by any means possible; it is now left for Nigeria to decide how they want this facade cum marriage of inconvenience to end.

Written By Okoro Austine
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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