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Thursday 8 December 2016


December 08, 2016

The history of the Biafran people cannot be separated with the historical attempts of the invasion of their territories by the Nigerian military and the resistance they were confronted with by the great people of the old eastern region.

From the Akassa war in the 19th Century that saw the downfall of the Royal Niger Company conspiracy against the Akassa community, to the Biafran women repelling of the draconian British tax regime imposed on them in 1929, our forebears were too brave to allow suppression and oppression from the enemies. They lived up to their courage and commitment in defending their motherland.

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Though our ancestors may have raised an olive leaf to the aggressors and conquistadors, but the misinterpretation of our ancestors’ candid diplomacy to cowardice led to the mission creed that made the aggressors bereaved and humiliated.

Biafrans’ meekness, gentleness and use of diplomacy are in most cases misconstrued to mean cowardice and weakness, but history has proven otherwise. An example can be traced to the era of the first sultan of the Northern caliphate; Othman Danfodio's quest to spread Islam in all parts of Biafraland met brickwall, which was a clear message that our people are insurmountable when it comes to relationship management. No wonder they were able to produce colossus and rare gems like Odumegwu Ojukwu, Nnamdi Kanu and others.


In the contemporary Biafran history, there were different invasion strategies and approach by the enemies to root Biafrans out of their natural homes. From killing of some of our elites and brave ones like Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, Obi Nwali, etc, to the dropping of bombs in Odi, Cross River, Ezu river massacre in Anambra, the Okigwe massacre of over 2000 Biafrans, and other mind blowing atrocities against Biafrans. None of these has ever forced us into our shelves because we are “fearless before our enemies”.

Today, we are contending with the enemies, questioning and placing hard demands without fear or favour. That is who we are!
Today, lies different military engagements and frontiers against the Biafran people, despite the alarming human rights violation recorded by Amnesty International against the Nigerian army, she is still criminally barricading Biafraland with all forms of laughable military code names.

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What the conscripted and terrorist infiltrated Army needs now is to save herself from further smearing her image and stop occupying Biafraland which is nothing but peaceful, compared to Boko Haram ravaged North. muscling defenseless people into living in constant fear in a democratic era is ludicrous, as these group of vermins in uniform are only good at maiming, raping and extorting and killing innocent Biafrans.

The defeated “Operation Crocodile Smile” which later turned to “tears” was a clear sign that Biafrans are not pushovers as they know the creek better than the invaders. The brave disposition by the Avengers is a proof.
The “crocodile” mercilessly crashed to a point that she had no other option than to cry and shed tears. When it was obvious to the crocodile (the Nigerian Military) that it could not survive the water war game it embarked against the Avengers, they resolved to come upland where they raped and intimidated women and children. What a shame!

Like what appears to look like a confused team, the lashing and tactics of the sons of Akassa against the Nigerian Army made them leave the creek for the owners and come to the dry lands of Biafra. Even President Muhammadu Buhari  admitted to the defeat and the tears of the crocodile when he stated that those their crocodile met during the operation were not “ordinary Nigerians”. Of course they are not Nigerians how much more to be “ordinary”. They are Biafran freedom fighters who yearns for a Biafran state.

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Though the President knows they are Biafrans, but pride and shame could not allow him address them as Biafrans, rather he decided to form “Operation Python Dance. Looking at the name of the new operation against Biafrans in the Southeast, one will wonder the rationale behind the code name.

It is important to state here that there is no dance without a beat, except the dancer’s head has gone melancholy. Biafrans are asking who are beating the drums for the python to dance. I guess the British!

Why would the python choose to dance on Biafran streets instead of the sambisa forest where they belong, and finally does the python expect those who see her on the street instead of the forest to accept her as friend knowing too well that she is a dangerous beast?

Well whether there are answers to these questions raised above or not, one thing is sure. The “Operation David Dance” which is a counter operation to the Nigerian army’s “Python Dance”, stands to overcome. David is a human while Python is an animal, it is a non issue to argue that man will kill animals as God has given him absolute control over them.

The Python is being overseen by man and must submit. David has been a man of victory; a conqueror whose strategies were all propelled by God. The “Operation David Dance” will at the end destroy the Python who by divine mandate is under man’s ultimate control.

By Austine Okoro
Edited Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. What a shame of a country and nothing-to-do Nigerian army. The boko haram are still holding over 100 chibok school girls in sambiosa forest for over 2 years now and controlling some LGA in Borno State and Nigeria soldiers are in Biafra land showcasing their incompetency and shame of a country currently ruled by an illiterate and incompetent jihadist ruler. It’s so sad that the so-called Igbo rulers and leaders have not come out to forcefully condemn this show of a conquered territory by the army in Igboland. Tufiakwa! What a country and coward leaders!


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