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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Biafra: South-East Senate Caucus: A Disgrace To Their Counstituencies

Wednesday 30 November, 2016

Reports on how some South-East Senators are asking the Federal Government to investigate killings of Indigenous People Of Biafra could be classified as "wishy-washy" that sometimes I ask myself what kind of people we have parading as politicians in Biafraland.

On August 30, 2015, Biafrans in Onitsha went on evangelism and were attacked by agents of the Nigerian army and Navy. Three of them were killed on the spot, while many others got injured.
The only weapon they had was the fliers they were distributing to members of the public. That day marked the beginning of numerous fatal and murderous attacks by Nigerian security agents which have claimed more than 2000 lives of our people, and left over 500 permanently disabled.

The surprising and despicable thing about all these wanton killings and maiming of innocent and defenseless people is that it is being carried out without any single provocation.
These deaths and injuries, affected and cut across Biafrans from the whole of Biafraland, meaning that the victims are constituents of one or two of these dormant senators.

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These killings happened during protests throughout cities in Biafraland and everybody noted that the protests were peaceful and well-coordinated. But unfortunately, till date, elected representatives of the people did not deem it fit to ask why their people are being massacred every now and then without any provocation until Amnesty International released their report.

Many Biafrans were illegally detained in prison facilities across the country, because of their peaceful demonstration which is part of the fundamental right of assembly of every person on earth which was also backed and enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

Some of these people arrested while on peaceful protests, spent upto one year in prison before their release and yet there are elected representatives who claim to be serving/representing such people. Throughout the months of incarceration of these Biaftans, none of their representatives either from the Senate, House of Reps or even State Houses of Assembly members dared to ask the Federal government the offenses these innocent fellows committed.


Till date, we still have many IPOB brethren in hospitals recovering from injuries they sustained on 30th May Heroes’ Day, and no politician has deemed it necessary to visit them in hospitals to hear directly from their constituents what transpired.

None of the senators or members of House of Representatives thought it worthwhile to hold a town hall meeting with their constituents or organize constituency outreach to know what the problems of their constituents are (assuming they don't know) and take it up to the National Assembly which is what they are supposed to be doing if they are truly representing the people and not serving their own selfish interests.

Many were traced to their homes, kidnapped and detained, and in most cases, killed by Nigerian security agents; Yes! killed because many people who were kidnapped and declared missing are yet to be found. IPOB brethren have searched for them in almost all the detention facilities in the country but cannot find a good number of our members. Instead we stumble upon mass graves with corpses distorted and embalmed with chemicals poured on them to hinder recognition.


It is obvious that these security agents were further emboldened to continue their gradual but steady extermination of Biafrans because of the dead silence maintained by our elected representatives.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been in illegal detention since October 14 of last year. He was granted bail but was not allowed to go free. He was discharged and acquitted but Buhari refused to let him go. Since his incarceration, they have modified his charges three times, bringing up spurious and trumped up charges at different intervals, which is an indication that he did not commit any offense rather the government is just doing all they can to further keep him incarcerated.

Not to mention the ridiculous reasons given by dishonorable injustice John Tsoho to deny him bail. All these are indications that the man committed no crime. All through these denials of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's fundamental human right, neither senators representing him nor the members of the House of Representatives has raised a voice in strong condemnation.

The member representing him in the UK Parliament raised his case on the floor of Parliament, his representative in EU Parliament also raised his case on the floor of EU Parliament. None of these Nigerian representatives has done the same or gone to visit him to see how he is faring not to talk of other elected officials.

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One now wonders what came over these Senators that all of a sudden they started asking for investigation into the killings. Immediately the damning Amnesty International's report about the unprovoked massacre of IPOB members was released, they started jumping up and down like agitating school kids.

When they saw that mainstream media houses and news organizations in the world that worths its salt carried the news, they started shouting "FG must investigate". The question now is, where were they all these while? Did they not hear about the 30th August 2015 shootings? Did they not hear about the November/December shootings? If they did not hear, did they not read about them? Did they not hear about 9th February massacre in Aba or did they not hear about the mass grave in Aba-Igweocha road?

Were they not also aware of 30th May massacre at Nkpor-Onitsha and Asaba or the mass burial in Onitsha army barracks? As representatives of the people, are they not supposed to ask the FG to explain why their people are being brutally killed.

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If they had made a big issue out of the 30th August 2015 killings, perhaps, subsequent massacres wouldn't have happened. But because they are cowards, self-centered and big time sycophants who are only representing themselves, their families and friends, they do not care what happens to any other person in their constituency except when another period of electioneering draws near.
This is so, because they are not representing anybody and they know that they were all rigged into office and can be rigged into office again so long as they remain subservient to their Hausa/Fulani masters, they don't care if everybody dies.

If you happen to check their pulse concerning this their call for investigation, you will find out that it is only mouth deep. They have suddenly realized that the Amnesty report created international awareness, they only want to make an inconsequential noise to look as if they are doing something, but as soon as they feel the international attention has turned away from the report they will go back to status-quo.

These set of people are a bunch of disgrace to their constituencies and Biafraland in general, they are shameless and without conscience. These flagrant, blatant and barefaced namby-panbies are everything people's representatives should not try to be.
This is why every Biafran should work hard to restore our nation and sovereignty where we will hold all public office holders accountable for their misdeeds.

By Joseph Afokwalam
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Chijinu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers

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