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Monday 7 November 2016

Biafra: November 8th is Here at last! ECOWAS Court Set to Deliver Justice In Kanu's Case, while Justice Binta plans Abscondment from Court

Tuesday 8th November, 2016

The dogged way the Nigerian government is going about  in handling Director Nnamdi Kanu's case expressly indicate the fears embedded in them

Firstly, they had refused to obey court rules, then they began with delay tactics by postponement in subsequent procedures, recently absenteeism and now, they have fixed same court case on same day with the ECOWAS court sitting to create more excuses but their plans will not succeed.

Whether they attend the sitting at the ECOWAS court or not, the verdict will be pronounced.The new role of Justice Binta is already under surveillance by the European Union(EU). Their antenna is tuned to her station, observing intently to dictate any misgivings she may have..

Her relationship with the Nigerian president will not be enough reason to misbehave because the whole world is scrutinizing not only her body language but words and actions.

Other judges in the past had declared Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, free and innocent but Buhari via bribed John Tsoho only succeeded in delaying the case and keeping him illegally locked up these past twelve months.

They have not been able to convict him of anything, what difference will it make this time around? We have had series of dramas in the past, ranging from secret trial saga to presentation of masquerade witnesses. Just in a singular case, the Nigerian government has trumped up false allegations varying from illegal arms deal, illegal IPOB group, illegal radio station, treasonable felony and some unvoiced charges pending release. We are waiting and watching. A clear conscience fears no accusations.

Mazi Nnamdi's demand is not illegal but  is a legal request ably represented in the United Nations charter. He has the backing of multitudes of Biafrans, who are eagerly waiting to be reinstated to their fatherland.

The more PMB soaks his blood filled hands with Biafran blood, the more the blood cry out " FREE NNAMDI KANU! FREE BIAFRA!"

How can he curb the voices from the land of the rising sun?
Will he be able to extinct these  ocean of voices by abductions or slayings, by detentions or false allegations? Truth will definitely prevail.

Biafrans, we must not relent because if we do, we will be doomed. They will scam us out of our land. We have to stand up for our rights! Show solidarity to our leader as today we expectantly await for justice to rule.

Come this day, 8th November, 2016, Biafra versus Nigeria, what will it be?
Free Nnamdi Kanu! Free Biafra!

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Published By Nwosu
For Biafra Writers

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