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Thursday 24 November 2016


Thursday 24 November, 2016

Amnesty International, AI, an independent organization created to draw attention to human rights abuses and campaign for compliance with international laws and standards, has on numerous occasions since August 2015, indicted the Nigerian security forces of unprovoked and unwarranted killings of unarmed peaceful Biafrans agitating for the restoration of Biafra.

In a report issued today, November 24 2016, by AI, the Nigerian security forces was again indicted of "extrajudicial killings". A report which emerged through the "analysis of 87 videos, 122 photographs, 146 eyewitness testimonies and 193 interviews relating to demonstrations and other IPOB gatherings between August 2015 and August 2016."

Reporting on Nigeria's indefensible actions against peaceful protesters, Amnesty stated that "the military fired live ammunition with little or no warnings to disperse crowds. It also finds evidence of mass extrajudicial executions by security forces, including at least 60 people shot dead in the space of two days in connection with events to mark Biafra Remembrance Day.

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"Amnesty International has also reviewed videos of a peaceful gathering of IPOB members and supporters at Aba National High School on 9 February 2016. The Nigerian military surrounded the group and then fired live ammunition at them without any prior warning.
"It is chilling to see how these soldiers gunned down peaceful IPOB members. The video evidence shows that this was a military operation with intent to kill and injure," said Makmid Kamara, Interim Director of Amnesty International, Nigeria.

Accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of perpetrating these heinous acts, Amnesty affirmed that it "has repeatedly called on the government of Nigeria to initiate independent investigations into evidence of crimes under international law, and President Buhari has repeatedly promised that Amnesty International's report would be looked into. However, no concrete steps have been taken," said Makmid Kamara.

Still incriminating Buhari, the report read: "The Nigerian government's decision to send in the military to respond to pro-Biafra events seems to be in large part to blame for this excessive bloodshed."


On indiscriminate arrests and torture of Biafran agitators, AI reported: "research shows a disturbing pattern of hundreds of arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment by soldiers during and after IPOB events, including arrests of wounded victims in hospital, and tortures and other ill-treatment of detainees."
Though IPOB leadership claims that the total number of both dead are missing members is above 2000, AI agreed to this assertion also, confirming in this report that "Amnesty International has not been able to rectify the exact number of extrajudicial executions."

Still on the number of victims, Makmid Kamara further stressed that "this reckless and trigger-happy approach of crowd control has caused at least 150 deaths and we fear the actual total might be far higher."

To this end, we (Biafrans) ask: how many more reports do the International Communities need from Amnesty International to demand for the freedom of Biafra from Nigeria? How many more people will die to attract the attention of the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, European Union and the United States government? How much more must a people suffer to deserve freedom?

Julie Ward, member of the European Parliament has called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, on October 4, 2016; Thomas Marino, a US attorney has warned of the dangers of Nnamdi Kanu's continual detention on September 1, 2016 in his two page letter to the Secretary of State, John Kerry. Yet, the rest of the world decides to bury their conscience over these atrocities comparable to the "Jewish holocaust."

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Recall that Nnamdi Kanu has been granted bail by a Magistrate Court, Abuja on October 19, 2015. He was also ordered to be released UNCONDITIONALLY at the Federal High Court Abuja, by Justice Adeniyi Ademola on 17 December 2015. These Court orders are yet to be obeyed by President Muhammadu Buhari who is basking in the euphoria of the International Communities' silence.

Biafrans all around the world hereby call on the attention of the International Communities to vehemently caution the Nigeria government and hastily demand for the freedom of Biafra from Nigeria. We believe that this will forestall imminent unrest that will emerge in the entire region of West Africa if these killings persist.


Written By Chinedu Ewulu
Published By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers.

1 comment

  1. What is Amnesty International and global powers going to do about this report indicting President Buhari and his military killer squad of senseless killings of peaceful Biafrans activists and protesters - when the dictator Buhari is talking about second-term in 2019? I hope Biafra nation is liberated from the Islamic Nigeria before then. Biafranss must never allow Buhari and his shameless DSS to get away with this second phase of genocide against Biafra. That will be a sad story and history of Biafra. We will never allow this to happen. This is 21st century and we let an archaic and ignorant man to continue to massacre our future. So sad indeed.


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