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Sunday 2 October 2016

Biafra: Stop chasing non-violent Biafra agitators, prosecute Fulani herdsmen – Catholic priest tells Buhari--Daily Post

Sunday 2nd October 2016

A catholic priest of Ahiara Diocese in Imo state, Rev. Fr. Ben Ogu, has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari is “involved with the greatest corruption with the lives of the people” for staying aloof while the lives of the people he is supposed to protest are being maimed and massacred.
Ogu lamented the massacre, kidnap and killings of innocent people of Nimbo and Attakwu in Enugu state, and the kidnap of a Catholic priest in Anambra, stressing that the continued menace of Fulani herdsmen particularly across Enugu and Anambra states is as a result of the lack of focus and seriousness of the President and governors of the South East.

He also noted that church leaders from the zone do not show enough commitment to the protection of the lives of the people.

In an interview with ThisDay, the cleric blamed President Buhari for not taking serious action against the armed herdsmen over the killings of innocent people over time.


He said, “Prosecuting them would give Nigerians some measure of trust on their president, instead of his avowed chasing of non-violent Biafra agitators and Avengers who are only fighting for their rights.

“I’m also shocked that the President of the nation has not prosecuted anybody yet he is busy pursuing the non-violent agitators of Biafra and the Avengers who are agitating for their rights. It therefore shows that if nothing is done about the whole issue, the people in question have the right to defend themselves and their religion.”

Condemning the action of Catholic Bishops and other church leaders who frequent Aso Rock Villa, Fr. Ogu said, “I expect the church leaders to speak out and follow up by condemning the way their people are being kidnapped and killed by religious jihadist who masked as armed herdsmen.


“Let them stop going to Abuja to congratulate Buhari on the way he is fighting corruption; even when he is involved with the greatest corruption with the lives of the people. They should tell Buhari that it is enough that people are decimated and he is not putting any law or measure across to stop the herdsmen menace.

“I see our religious leaders, both catholic bishops and pastors as people who are so comfortable and conscious of their lives that they seem to think that everything is alright when people are suffering on daily basis. They have not spoken enough. In fact they should show some anger.

“Also, the South East governors are not free from any complicity as their people are massacred and they are comfortable doing nothing about it. They are not fit to stay on seat and watch their people being killed and maimed. The youths of the zone have the right to question their governors and leaders of what they are doing about the situation.

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“The security agencies are also to blame as they seem to also taken sides with the herdsmen by closing their eyes and allowing the people to be killed and kidnapped with reckless abandon. I am charging them to show that everybody is so important and needs protection,” he stated.


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